Monday, February 16, 2009

Jaz Restaurant

Was in Little India for a workshop and my colleagues decided to bring us to this Indian Restaurant, which is actually an Indian kopitiam with only 1 stall selling Indian "cai bng" (economy rice).

Turned out that it wasn't that economy at all. The meal which I had, a supposedly set meal comprising fried chicken and fried omelette with their standard side dishes & gravys cost $7.50!
Though there were only about 6 of us, the stall helper got all our orders mixed up despite noting our orders on a piece of paper. They were also not consistent in their "complimentary dish - an egg", which was an egg that I did not get. Well, I did not pursue further since I already ordered omelette. It would have saved me $2.50 if I knew they were going to give us complimentary item...

The food was average and I think there are better (value for money) options in the vicinity...

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