Friday, March 20, 2009

Mad Jack (Paradiz Centre)

1 Selegie Road
Paradiz Centre #01 – 04
Tel: 6338 9771 / 6257 5951
11.30am – 12 midnight daily

A cafe offering rather affordable western food, attracting mostly teenagers and young adults. The menu has a wide range of selection from fish & chips, steak, burger, pasta, pizza, asian food, finger food, cakes, desserts etc.

Placing order is simple and hassle free, simply write down the item number on the order forms placed on each table, and make payment at the counter. However, the food did take quite a while to be served - at least 20 mins?

Here's what I had - Grilled Fish in Honey Lemon Sauce served with mashed potato and apple & peach salad. The fish was quite fresh and portion size is reasonable for the price of $8.90. My only complain is that the fish was a little too thinly slice that the texture became a little dry & tough. The apple & peach salad is a refreshing combination with the grilled fish.

My drink - Complexion Enhancer ($4)- from the range of Doctor Juices made from fresh fruits with no sugar added. The drink contains guava, orange and cucumber. Well, how did it taste? Hmm... what would you expect from such a combination?? It has a "freshy" taste in its natural sweetness, prob from the orange.

With such a great selection, I would be interested to be back to try different food from the menu.

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