Sunday, August 23, 2009

San Shu Gong (三叔公) [Closed]

Lovers of Beh-Teh-Soh (马蹄酥) will be happy to know that the famous traditional pastry chain from Malacca, San Shu Gong (三叔公) has opened its first outlet in Singapore.  It is located at Changi Airport Terminal 3, Basement 2 (near Candy Empire).


Besides Beh-Teh-Soh, there is also tao-sar-bia (biscuits with salted green bean fillings), lao-po-bing (wife biscuit) and other pastries and Malacca local products.


Convenience comes with a price... the price is probably doubled, compared to the price you pay in Malacca.
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  1. There is a website called that allows you to buy fresh Beh Teh Soh now. The biscuits will be shipped through courier services. It is quite interesting.

  2. Cool! Thanks for sharing this link!

  3. May I know if the branch at T3 sell figurine as well like the Malacca branch? Tks.

  4. hey, i am not sure. AND, i heard that the outlet has moved out of changi already. Not too sure how true it is...

  5. It's not there anymore. Does anyone know where they moved to, or have simply given up and gone back to Malaka?


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