Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunset Grill & Pub [Location Moved]

Located at the super ulu Seletar Airbase, not accessible by public transport.  I highly recommend that you get ready a GPS to help navigate your way within this huge ulu compound, in case you run into any restricted area in the airbase.

It took us almost an hour to travel from buona Vista to Seletar airbase and it was already pitched-dark by the time we reached Sunset more sunset to view at all =(

I suppose these are old army barracks.  The carpark was already packed by the time we reached.  Despite the inaccessibility, the place is packed.

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seatings.  There are more outdoor seatings and you get to enjoy the "scenery" and the rustic charm (read: with the company of mosquitoes and ants).

A simple menu with the restaurant's name, address and operating hours on the first page.  It surprises me a little place is packed on a weekday night.  So, it is always better to make reservation in advanced.

This huge serving of mushroom is almost enough to fill half than half of my tummy.  It is very thick, creamy and lotsa mushrooms bits! 

A huge plate of nachos to be shared by 5 of us.  It comes with 3 types of dips - warm cheese, beef sauce and another one which is slightly spicy and sour.  The food portions are quite hugein general.  So, do moderate what you're ordering if there aren't too many persons in the group.

The buffalo wings came in 10 different degrees of spiciness.  Fellow foodies had warned that level 4 is almost the ultimate (spicy) level for some of them.  We ordered level 2 and 4 wings.

Well, if you like it hot and spicy, you can attempt to challenge yourself but be ready to get "burnt" lips after that.  Besides spiciness, the wings are in fact quite sour, which I suspected that it is due to the tabasco sauce used.

Note: The restaurant has moved out from Seletar and it's new location is 259 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799488.  Tel: 6482 0244.

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