Monday, September 21, 2009

Eater Palace Yam & Pumpkin Mooncake

Eater Palace
available at Takashimaya and Vivocity from now until early October 09

Tis' is the season for mooncakes.  Me loves the traditional baked lotus paste mooncake and teochew flaky skin yam mooncakes most.  Teochew moonies are only available from selected bakers and hence, I will normally seek out the teochew ones more than the traditional ones.  It isn't difficult to find reasonably tasty traditional ones and really, we are spoilt for choices.

For the Teochew Yam moonies, many would remember the famous Crown Prince Yam mooncakes, that sold like hot cakes.  Ever since the closure of Crown Prince Hotel, I have been looking for alternatives.

At the recent Vivocity fair, I was rather impressed by the ones from Eater Palace.  They actually microwaved the yam mooncakes for 40 secs before presenting the mooncakes for tasting. It really tasted good.  Furthermore, the mooncake chef was making and frying the mooncakes on the spot.

There are 2 mooncakes in each box.  It comes in these flavours:
- Yam
- Yam & Pumpkin
- Yam with single yolk
- Vegetarian yam

Check out the multi-layer flaky skin.  It takes good skill to make the skin.

This is the yam and pumpkin flavour.  The filling has turned soft after heating in the microwve and it became a little difficult to cut.  Because the mooncake was bought a few days ago, the flaky skin wasn't crispy anymore.  And I discovered that the mooncake was quite oily (see the oil on the plates) from the fried skin.

$18 for 2 mooncakes.


  1. hi Jos,

    the crown prince yam mooncakes are now available at Peony Jade restaurants. Just google Peony Jade.

  2. sorry, peony jade restaurants to get the crown prince yam mooncakes.

  3. hello, in case i didnt post my comment - the crown prince yam mooncake now available at the peony jade restuarants.....just google it.

  4. Hi,
    yup... I am going to get the peony jade yam mooncake soon =) thanks!


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