Thursday, October 01, 2009

Garden Pastry & Cake

Garden Pastry & Cake is another shop which I have eyeing on their crispy skin mooncakes.  The crispy skin teochew mooncakes comes in the following flavours:
- Yam
- Yam with 1 yolk
- Durian
- Vegetarian Yam

Each box of crispy skin mooncake comes in either 4 regular size mooncakes or 8 mini mooncakes.  Mini mooncakes are only available in yam and durian at $4.50 each.

The crispy skin is unlike Eater Palace which has very distinct layers.  Garden's crispy skin appears to be layers that wrap round the mooncake.  The durian mini crispy has a yellow dot on it to differentiate from the normal yam crispy.

Whole mini crispy yam.

Cross-section of the mini crispy yam mooncake.  The yam paste was pretty decent, not too soft or too dry.  It would have tasted good if it is warmed before eating.

Whole min crispy durian.

Cross-section of the durian mooncake.  The filling is supposed made from D24 durain.  However, it tasted like lotus paste has been added to the durian. 

Generally, I like this mini crispy yam because of its small portion and reasonable price.  Quality of food is also quite decent.

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