Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pineapple Tarts from Cedele

Decided to get pineapple tarts from Cedele this year in the name of healthy living.  CNY is the time to indulge in sinful cookies and goodies.  Any food that can make the indulgence less sinful is welcomed.

Priced at $18.80 per tub with approx. 36 pieces of pineapple tarts, each piece of pineapple tart costs abt $0.50.  Each piece for maybe half mouthful... isn't cheap.  But consider that the tarts do taste yummy (ie. buttery and not too sweet according to my standard) and a little for healthy (trans fat free, organic unrefined sugar), I think it is worth trying.  And better still for me because I managed to combine my purchase with my friend to make up 10 tubs of goodies, I got a 10% discount! Yay!

Other highly recommended CNY cookies include coffee cereal cookies, earl grey cookies and chocolate chip macademia cookies.


  1. True, not cheap but I would still buy those! Thanks for commenting and I have replied as well =)

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  2. $18.80 per tub, wow that's expensive..


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