Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Swensen's Singapore - Breaded Chicken Meuniere

With the 1-for-1 lunch treat promotion, it does make sense to lunch at Swensen's, provided there is an outlet near enough for the 1-hour lunch rush. Just by paying for a couple of bucks more, you get to enjoy quality western food, with a relatively reasonable serving portion and most importantly, there's aircon!!  The crazily hot weather recently is really driving me nuts.

I've also realised that Swensen's has expanded their menu quite a fair bit, adding more Asian variety such as nasi goreng, crayfish bee hoon etc.  The pictures on the menu almost tempted me to give them a try.  But... I managed to resist the temptation and decided to go for the good'ol Breaded Chicken Meuniere.  Besides the huge chicken fillet, there's also a generous portion of fries and a small bowl of coleslaw.

The breaded batter was deep-fried to golden brown, crispy but slightly oily.  Chicken meat (not breast meat) was quite juicy and tender. =)  Being a chunky fries lover, I only have compliments for Swensen's fries, which goes great with tomato ketchup.

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