Friday, April 02, 2010

Swensen's @ Compass Point - Fish & Chips and Pasta

The queue outside Swensen's at Compass Point is ridiculusly long on weekends.  Nevertheless, it is all worth it when the all-time favourite Fish and Chips was served.  The waiting time for food was just about 10mins, which I consider relatively reasonable, since the queuing time to get a seat was easily 20 to 30mins.

The fish & chips was served slightly later than the pasta.  The 2 pieces of golden-brown deep-fried fish fillet were served with crispy thick U.S. fries and a small bowl of coleslaw.  The tartar sauce, although it was just a dip, brought out the tastiness of the fish.  As for the fries, what would it be without tomato ketchup?

Salmon and Mushroom Pasta - Recommended for those prefers not-so-creamy sauce.  The amount of sauce was also just enough for the pasta.  The dish was served with quite a fair amount of slightly-cooked salmon.  If you prefer cooked salmon, toss it with the warm pasta for a while.  However, since Swensen's is not an Italian restaurant, I did not have too high an expectation on the pasta dishes.  And, as such, I think the standard was better than what I would expect.

For a meal with just 2 dishes, without ice-creams and deserts, the damage was slightly less than $35.

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