Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just Buns

If you happen to be at 313@Somerset and looking for something to snack, do consider these soft cinnamon buns from Just Buns (located at B3-49), next to Prima Deli stall.  The ones you see below are Cheese & Almond bun and Oreo bun.

The buns ($1.50 each) are freshly baked and are really soft and fragrant.  Fret not the strong cinnamon smell, the cinnamon taste in these buns are light and just right.  Just check out the cream cheese topped with almond and chocolate fudge topped with crushed oreo, they are simply irresistable!!

There are also other interesting flavours such as Just Durian, Just Chempedak, Just Banana etc, which I will return to try them one of these days.



  1. Hi those desserts look delicious and I would like to get the recipe. Can you send them to my email please? Feel free to post to some of my blogs. I just started this business so help me out!!

  2. Hi, the buns are really delicious. Unfortunately, I am not the creator of those buns. I bought them from Just Buns. You may wish to contact them directly. =)


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