Sunday, January 02, 2011

驿站 (Yi Zhan) [Shop has Closed]

Was shopping around Tanjong Pagar MRT xchange one day and chance upon this Taiwanese food cafe 驿站.  It is located at basement 1 in the station and next to The Soup Spoon.

Decided to give it a try since I just missed the Taiwan Food Fair =(  Apart from their regular menu, there are also a few other chef's recommendation on their standee banner.  Although I can't say that the dish that I ordered was really authentic Taiwanese food, I fell in love with it afterall. It is 奶油鱼柳套餐 (Butter Fish Fillet set meal).  It comes with sauteed long bean veggies, potato wedges and rice!  Oh well, by the time i finish the fish, veggies and wedges, tummy definitely has very little room left for the white rice sprinkled with black sesame seeds =(

The best part of this dish is none other than the butter sauce.  It is buttery (that goes without saying), a little savoury, a little sweet and extremely fragrant.  Could they have added curry leaves?  Sounds a little weird but the dish suits me perfectly well!!  I am also suspecting that the batter used for the fish fillet contains some secret ingredients. 

But calories wise.... I think it is best to ignore it for the time being.

Since this is located at Tanjong Pagar, the office crowd wasn't there even at 7pm.  Suspect that they either are rushing home for dinner or still hard at work.  That makes it a good place to eat and relax, with a cup of chinese tea after the main course. =)

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