Sunday, January 09, 2011

Buttermilk Waffle @ Coffee Club

Good Morning! breakfast set from Coffee Club @ Tiong Bahru Plaza.   Took me a while to decide from the menu with about 10 choices.  Finally, I decided to try the Buttermilk Waffle. The breakfast set came with a complimentary coffee or tea. 

A set of 3 waffles was served about 10mins later.  I was initially a little disappointed that the waffles were not piping hot when served.  I like hot waffles because it gives the impression that it was freshly made... =P

The waffles was sprinkled lightly with icing sugar and doused with maple syrup.  It came with a small pot of blueberry jam and unsalted SCS butter (not in photo).  The waffles was soft but a little dry.  I always like to taste food in its original taste before adding other stuff.  The plain waffles was.... really plain.  But as soon as I spread the SCS butter on it, the waffle became much delicious compared to when it was just a plain piece of waffle!!  It was also great when i dipped it lightly into the jam. 

At $7.90 (before taxes), the breakfast set was "expensive" compared to other breakfast I could get from Tiong Bahru Plaza - Ya Kun or Mac or Toast Box.  However, because of its "atas-ness", the cafe was one of the quieter place to munch away your breakfast, and relax yourself with some light jazz music... on a Sunday morning.

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