Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Village Restaurant (새마을식당)

The jiggae and nengmyeon looks so so so good!

New Village Restaurant (새마을식당)

10 of Seoul’s Most Famous and Popular Galbi Restaurants

Koreans love barbeque food.  It is known as galbi... If you are in Seoul and do not know where to find galbi, check out the restaurants listed on this list...

10 of Seoul’s Most Famous and Popular Galbi Restaurants

HanChu (한추) – The Best Fried Chicken In Seoul

My love for fried chicken... and I shall continue my search to try to best fried chicken in Singapore as well as in Korea!

HanChu (한추) – The Best Fried Chicken In Seoul

Friday, August 17, 2012

Chicken Korma @ Rocky Master (Biopolis)

A variation of South Indian chicken curry, the Chicken Korma taste almost similar as the usual chicken curry that you find at Indian restaurants.  The main difference is that, there isn't any potato in the curry, only chicken!  This recipe isn't spicy, spice taste is also pretty mild.  Those who aren't into spicy food but enjoys the taste of curry can try this.

The Chicken Korma was supposed to come with Briyani rice, but Rocky Master ran out of the rice.  They replaced it with pita bread, which was a good combination.  Ways to eat with pita bread?  You could either dip the bread into the gravy or wrap the chicken pieces in the pita bread opening!

If you're a small eater, this dish can be shared by 2 persons.  Certainly value for money.

Address: 8 Biomedical Grove #01-11-13/15-16 Neuros S138665

Getting there: From Buona Vista Station, walk over to Ministry of Education (MOE) building.  From the side of the MOE building, walk up Biopolis Way.  At the 3-way junction, walk in the direction of Biopolis Drive and head towards Neuros Building.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicken Katsu Curry @ Haato (Ridgewood Close)

It's really been a while since I went to Haato at Ridgewood Close for lunch.  I ordered my usual favourite - Chicken Katsu Curry.  It was a pleasant surprise to see a change in the food presentation, which really enhanced the appeal of this dish.  The curry is served in a separate small pot.  Previously, the curry was served on the rice which sometimes makes the rice soggy.  And now, served in a separate pot, I can scoop the amount I like. =)  The chicken katsu is still as tasty.

Haato did not serve miso soup previously but now, it comes with the Chicken Katsu Curry.  Kudos!

5 Ridgewood Close Unit G1
Tel: 6464 9607 / Fax: 6464 9507
Opening hrs: Mon - Fri 11am - 10pm (last order at 9.30pm for hot food & 10pm for others)
Opening hrs: Sat & Sun 9.30am - 10pm (last order at 9.30pm for hot food & 10pm for others)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spicy Miso Ramen @ Sushi Tei (Holland Village)

With my lack of appetite these days, it is sometimes difficult to decide what to eat.  Every food portion looks huge, enough for a full day's intake.  Decided to go for something soupy and not too heavy.  The Spicy Miso Ramen was the right choice.  Adding a little more chilli powder makes the soup perfect.  While some may think that it is worth paying a few bucks for instant noodles, but really, the ramen from Sushi Tei is springy and doesn't tast like those instant ramen from supermarket.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Korean Fried Chicken - BBQ Chicken

Credits to Hallyu, even Korean food chains are stepping foot into Singapore.  BBQ Chicken raves itself as the No. 1 franchaise brand in Korea.  It now has outlets in 55 countries including Singapore.  For the health conscious folks, BBQ Chicken claims that it using Olive oil from Turkey for cooking.  Perhaps that is the reason that their food is pricier than other fried chicken competitors.

Thumbs up for the golden and tender BBQ wings... while the name says "BBQ wings", these are actually fried chicken wings.  6 pieces for $8.90.  Served with a small bowl of coleslaw.

Korean Traditional Charbroiled set.  Came with 2 huge pieces of charbroiled chicken cutlet, butter rice, drinks and 2 side dishes.  For small eaters, this set can be shared by 3 or 4 persons, especially if your meal includes other side orders.  The chicken was a littttle tough in my opinion. 

Besides chicken, the restaurant has a pretty extensive menu including other types of meat - beef and fish etc.  If the price had been less expensive, I would be attracted to frequent the restaurants more often....

Address: The Central 
6 Eu Tong Seng Street, #01-58/59, The Central, Singapore 059817
Tel: 6224 1138 Fax: 6224 0830

Operation Hours
Daily 11am - 10:30pm
(Last Order 10:15pm)

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Lawn Grill and Salad Cafe

A new cafe for the "green-lovers".  The concept of this cafe is pretty interesting.  Here's how it goes:
1. Choose your preferred serving size
2. Choose your preferred grill (I chose Pacific Dory with fresh fruit rub and herbs)
3. Choose your preferred greens, toppings and dressing (I chose baby potatoes, cashew nuts, eggs, and maple peanut dressing).

Tada!  2 pieces of herbed dory fillet.  Perhaps I am not used to the taste of herbs, it tasted a little jerlat after a while.  Other than that, the portion is already quite decent (ie. enough for me) with the potatoes, eggs and cashew nuts)

Topped up $1 for the mushroom (small size).

Kitchen and front counter at The Lawn.  It is a nice cosy cafe, except that seats may be limited during the lunch rush hour.

The Lawn Grill and Salad Cafe
31 Biopolis Way, Nanos #01-07
Tel: 6478 9793

Getting there: At Buona Vista Station, use the exit that leads to the Ministry of Education (MOE) Building.  Take a short alk up Biopolis Way from the side of the building to Nanos.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Phan Viet Deli

I am not a big fan of Vietnamese food. Their food is pretty bland in my opinion, while I prefer food with stronger taste. But this paper springroll is so pretty that I'd like to share it with everyone.  It is served with plum sour... its taste is rather refreshing.

Phan Viet Deli
112 Robinson Road #01-03

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ghim Moh Hawker Centre - Rong Yuan Cooked Food

Freshly-made chee cheong fun, glutinous rice, taro cake... try it before this is gone.  This stall is manned by a senior, whom I suppose who is already in his 60s.  He starts business at 4+am in the morning, serves mainly to the breakfast crowd.  On most days, his closes his stall by 8am.  On lucky days, he will open till about 2pm.  Even for someone who works in the vicinity, I consider it my lucky day if the stall is open during lunch hour.

The freshly made food, limited in variety, but the quality is maintained.  Highly recommended!

Chee Cheong Fun with glutinous rice.  The chee cheong fun is smooth in texture and springy.  Loves the sweet sauce that goes on the cheong fun.  The glutinous rice is soft, not too sticky... on some days, it may be a little dry.  Love the big dried shrimps hidden within the rice.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ah Poh Kitchen at Clementi

Great lunch place which serves chinese halal food.  Food quality is good and best part is the portion isn't that big - reduce wastage for small group gatherings.  Because it is local delights zi-char that is halal, the shop is very popular with both Muslim and non-Muslim friends.  Reservations is recommended especially if you are planning for gatherings.

They are famous for their fishhead curry, the "lemak" (local terminology for the coconut milk taste) level is just nice.  The fish is fresh and tender.  Level of spiciness is quite mild.  My personal favourite is the cereal prawn.  Love the cereal so much that I am always happy to "bao" all the cereal!  The cereal portion is generous and they are crispy.  Their dishes are generally quite delicious.  You may also want to try the hotplate tofu and sambal kangkong.
Blk 354 Clementi Ave. 2 #01-223 Singapore 120354
Tel: 67745534
Opening Hour: 11.30am to 9.30am.
Nearest MRT: Clementi Station

By Bus from Clementi Station:
Bus 52, 105, 106, 154, 183, 185 (alight at Blk 365, Commonwealth Avenue West)
184 (alight at Blk 334, Clementi Avenue 2)
282 (alight at Blk 355, Clementi Avenue 2)
It is also possible to walk from Clementi Station and it takes about 11 minutes.  Walk along Commonwealth Ave West towards the direction of Clementi Ave. 3.  At the cross junction, turn left into Clementi Ave. 2.  At the first junction, turn right and walk for about 250m.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rocky Master (Biopolis)

What's for lunch?  Rocky Master is one of those sandwich joints.  The gourmet iced chocolate is something to shout about.  If you have not tried it, I strongly recommend that you give it a try.  It is very different from other iced chocolate from other cafes including starbucks, CBTL. 

Since it was lunch, I decided to try their mushroom soup and curry potty pie.  The mushroom soup was surprising thick and filled with small bits of minced mushroom.  Good value.  However, the potty pie was obviously a frozen pie, heated up in microwave oven.  Forget about ordering the pie.  It was a disappointment =(

8 Biomedical Grove
Neuros Singapore 138665
Tel: 6464 2082

Getting there: From Buona Vista Station, walk over to Ministry of Education (MOE) building.  From the side of the MOE building, walk up Biopolis Way.  At the 3-way junction, walk in the direction of Biopolis Drive and head towards Neuros Building.

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Dessert Indulgence at Brunetti (Tanglin Mall)

The dessert was surprising crowded on a working weekday with customers who are students, business executives and tourist.  Tanglin Mall isn't a very convenient location, being quite a distance from the MRT station, yet this manages to draw an impressive crowd. 

I suppose the reason behind this might be the wide range of beverages. Besides the usual coffee and tea, beer is also available from this dessert bar. But, I think the biggest draw is the range of desserts that look so irresistable.  Pretty-looking cakes, cute pastries, drooling chocolates/pralines, gelato that comes in usual (chocolate, tiramisu, macha) and un-usual (hazelnut, caramel) flavours.  The experience seems incomplete, if you walk out of the dessert bar without a taste of their gelato.  But if you already had more than you should, perhaps just ask for some sampling and hopefully, that satisfied your curiosity and craving about the gelato.

Brunetti Singapore
163 Tanglin Road 01 - 35 Tanglin Mall Singapore 237993
Telephone: +65 6733 9088

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chili's Restaurant (Tanglin Mall)

Chili's has been in Singapore for the longest time, at Tanglin Mall.  In the recent years, they opened a second restaurant at Resort World Sentosa.  For their years of existence in Singapore, I've never had the chance to try their food until last November.

It was a lunch set meal - Monterey Chicken with baked potato soup.  The chicken steak, which is a marinated and grilled chicken breast in BBQ sauce was tender and juicy.  It was served together with smoked bacon, cheese and tomato cubes.  The freshness of the tomato cubes took the "jer lat-ness" away from the fried stuff.

Had to say that the baked potato soup was totally unique and delicious.  The soup may be too thick for some but I love it perfectly.

Next is the tostada chips.  The warm and crispy chips is something that you should not miss.  The salsa sauce is heavenly.... infinitely better than those you can from supermarket.  Try it!

Chili's Restaurant
#02-23 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933

Operating hours :
Sun - Thurs : 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat : 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
Tel : +65 6733-3317


Nearest MRT: Orchard Station

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

CNY 2012 - Pineapple Tarts from Bakery Hearts

What's your favourite pineapple tart for CNY 2012?  My pick for this year is Pineapple Tarts from Bakery Hearts.  $16 for a bottle.... the price is very reasonable, isn't it?  Furthermore, it is food for a good cause during this festive season!  Quality of the pineapple tart is actually quite good!  Not too sweet, not too jerlat.

Just what is Bakery Hearts?
Bakery Hearts is a project organised by The Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centres. It hopes to provide women from low-income families with numerous young children or have difficulties getting employment, the opportunity to supplement their household income. Through the project, the women are equipped with baking and social skills which prepares them to rejoin the workforce.

Bakery Hearts taps on community resources such as Teck Ghee Community Centre, CS CDC funding and volunteers to make it possible for these dedicated women to bake and for childminding to be arranged for their children.

Please support Bakery Hearts and give hope to the women who are working hard to provide a better life for their children and family.  Visit their FB page at

Eggless Love Letter from Yes Natural

有蛋跟没蛋的蛋卷有差吗?答案是没有。。。Bought from Chinese New Year fest at Taka.  $12.80 per bottle with over 70 pieces.

Name of shop: Yes Natural (

Lo Hei

It's the time of the year again... to Lo Hei!  捞啊。。。捞个风声水起啊!I've heard that the dish Yu Sheng originates from Singapore.  Yes, unbelieveable, right? 

What do you like best about the dish?  The shredded vegetable, the raw fish, or the crackers?  Me loves the crackers... love the crispiness and best of all, it is called 黄金满地 which can literally be translated into "land full of gold"!

I've just head my first Yu Sheng yesterday... certainly don't mind if there are more to come =)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ya Kun (Kaya Butter Cracker)

Life can be just as simple as kaya and butter with toasted crackers.  The crunchy crackers tasted extremely good with the thick slab of melting butter in between.  That's the type of simple pleasures that our parents and grandparents had experienced when life was so much simpler and unsophisticated.  Highly recommend that you try this during breakfast or afternoon, if you haven done so at Ya Kun.  $1.60 for this set of crackers.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Nam Heng Restaurant

The coffeeshop, located at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Simon Road has moved to a new location - 965 Upper Serangoon Road, according to ieatishootipost forum. 

The coffeeshop is popular for its grilled chicken wings, satay, carrot cake, oyster omelette, ngoh hiang etc all under 1 roof.

(source: ieatishootipost)

What's left at the old site is only these....pathetic....

Anyway, I hope to check out the new location soon....

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Delcie's Desserts (Mud Fudge Cake)

I have been wanting to try the cakes and cookies from Delcie's Desserts for a loooong time. The opportunity finally came when Groupon was selling a coupon - $25 for $60 worth of cakes or desserts. The cakes from Delcie's aren't cheap, minimally $50+ for a small cake. This is because organic ingredients aren't cheap. More than 85% of the ingredients used are organic, according to the baker herself.

The Groupon coupon expired end of last year (which was like yesterday, haha) and I decided to use it to get a cake for a gathering which came up. Since the Mud Fudge cake was a popular one among the customers, I decided to give it a try. Here it is!

It came with thick layer of real chocolate (not cocoa). Besides being organic, the cake was baked egg-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. How will such a cake taste like? It was suprisely pretty sweet, the real chocolate was really good. Perhaps the best way to eat it is to heat up in microwave for 10 secs so that the chocolate will melt and the cake is warm. And there, you get a warm chocolate cake! Other than that, if you're someone who needs a cake to have butter taste, then sorry, I think it is not for you then.

The price for this cake was $70. =) The shop has moved to Upper Serangoon Road since Nov 2011. It is about 5 to 7 mins walk from Kovan MRT station, opposite Heartland Mall.

Since CNY is just around the corner, they have also started selling healthy CNY cookies. Tried some of the cookies while I was there to collect the cake, my personal favourite is the cashew cookies. Very fragrant cashew taste with cookies with the right crunchiness. The cookies aren't cheap either - $28 to $30+ per bottle. But for the reason of good health, it may be worth the investement =P

Delcie's Desserts

Tel: 9789 2309 | 62822 951
(call between 11am-8pm, Tue-Sun)


951 Upper Serangoon Road (5 mins walk from Kovan MRT)
Singapore 534714

Tue-Sun, 11am-8pm
Close on Monday
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