Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oddugi Korean Instant Noodles - Cheese Ramyeon

We've had our regular instant noodles - Myojo, Chu Qian Yi Ding, Koka etc. And we've also had a fair share of Japanese and Korean noodles. For the Korean noodles, besides Kimchi Ramen, how about something different? I'm trying out the Cheese Ramen. ^^

I've added in dumpling and cheese fishcakes. The soup has a stint of cheesy taste. For a stronger cheese taste, add a slice of cheese. It will give you a richer cheese flavour.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Smoothie King - Jeju Green Tea Smoothie

Smoothie King debuted in Singapore last month. The first store is found at Centrepoint, right smack in front of Centrepoint's entrance. What caught my eye was this Jeju Green Tea Smoothie. We normally see fruit-filled smoothie but this is really special. While the base taste has the sweetness of fruits, you get this unique green colour plus green tea taste. What's more - I've toppoed it up with Collagen Enhancer.

To avoid having a queue build up at the counter, you're given this beeper, which alerts you when your drink is ready for collection. Cool!


Address: 176 Orchard Road The CentrePoint Mall Singapore 238843
Tel: 6633 5051

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Getting there:  Take MRT to Somerset Station.  Exit the station through 313 Somerset, cross the road to arrive at Centrepoint Building.

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