Friday, April 26, 2013

Korean Fried Chicken - Nene Chicken at Star Vista [네네치킨]

Are you a fan of fried chicken?  Joining franchises like BBQ Chicken from Korea, a new kid has landed into the sunny island of Singapore.  That's really good news because Nene Chicken adopts a fast food concept which means it is more affordable. 
My friend was a little shy to pronounce "Nene" and particularly the dish Nene Pop since it sounded like the local way of saying boobs.  But really, there is nothing naughty about it since this is a Korean chain. Nene (네네)  means Yes Yes in Korean ;)
Though the fast food restaurant is a little cram, I prefered to eat the chicken when it is freshly served.  The waiting time was slightly long, maybe 10 mins, since the chicken is only fried upon ordered.  I ordered the Bulgogi Fried Chicken, Nenebap and Nenepop.  My favourite amongst these 3 is the Bulgogi flavoured fried chicken.  The chicken is tender, juicy and marinated just right.  Nenebap is a DIY mixed rice where you mix the salad vege, chicken with rice.  Nenepop is a little fun.   The popcorn-size fried chicken is placed in a small bowl on top of the soft drink.  This is convenient as a quick take away meal.

To experience the real Korean style of eating fried chicken, a small thrash bin is placed on each table for you to throw away the chicken bones.  It would have been perfect if you could have the fried chicken with beer.  The Koreans call it Chi-maek (치맥) which means chicken and beer.  This culture is so strong that there is an annual festival in the country.
Nene Chicken currently has delivery service but limited to selected areas in the West.  So in the meantime, since there is only 1 store, you have got to head down to Star Vista is you want to get your hands on the Nene ;p
Nene Chicken
1 Vista Exchange Green, Star Vista #01-24 Singapore 138617
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Tel: 6694 5489 | Delivery 6222 6363

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