Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[Jeju-do, Korea] Airlines / Flight options to Jeju

Recently, a friend asked about flights to Jeju. Jeju Airport is in fact an international airport and as such you need not necessary fly into Jeju from Gimpo (Seoul) or Busan or other domestic destinations.  And just for info, there is only 1 airport in Jeju.
These are the Korea-operated flights which I know that lands at the Jeju Airport.
1. Korean Air
2. Asiana Airlines
3. Jeju Air
4. Jin Air (a subsidiary of Korean Air)
5. T'way Airline
6. Air Busan
There are also other international flights that goes to Jeju such as:
1.  China Eastern Airlines (From China, Shanghai)
2.  Dragonair (from Hong Kong)
3.  TransAsia (from Taiwan)
Unfortunately, there is still no direct flights from Singapore to Jeju. These are the options for Singaporeans wanting to travel to Jeju:
1. Fly to Incheon International Airport, take the A'rex train that connects Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport.  Take a domestic flight to Jeju from Gimpo Airport.
2. Transfer to Jeju from nearer countries such as Bangkok (Jeju Air, Jin Air, T'way Airline), Philippines (Air Busan, Jeju Air, Jin Air), Hong Kong (Jeju Air) or Taiwan (Air Busan, T'way Airline).  This way, you shorten the travel distance by avoiding going all the way up to Seoul, which is located at the northern part of South Korea, and then travel down to the southern tip of South Korea.  However, this option is feasible if you plan to depart from Jeju at the end of your trip.
3.  If you are in Busan or Cheongju, you can easily book a domestic flight via Jeju Air or Air Busan to Jeju.  If you are in the bigger cities such as Daegu, Gwangju, Jinju, Pohang, Ulsan or Yeosu, take the Asiana Airlines or Korean Air.  If you are in Gunsan or, Wonju, take the Korean Air while you are in Muan, Asiana Airline would be your only choice. 
There are many options available.  Have fun exploring!  Enjoy Jeju!

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