Sunday, May 19, 2013

Singapore Style : Korean Beancurd Stew (순두부찌개)

Doesn't those scenes in Korean dramas where the actors/actresses are eating piping hot stews from the pots make you drool?  One of the popular stews in Korea is the Sundubu Jjigae (순두부찌개).  It is a hot and spicy stew dish with beancurd and seafood, with an egg on stop of the dish.
It is actually quite easy to cook up a pot of Korean Beancurd Stew once you have the stew pre-mix.  The pre-mix is a sauce which I got mine from one of the Korean supermarkets. 
Koreans would typically eat this stew with rice.  For a change and to localise this, I decided to add the thick nice noodle into the stew.
For ingredients:
1.  Stew Pre-Mix (it can serve up to 4 pax)
2.  Eggs
3.  1 pack of Beancurd
4.  Some Thick Noodles which depends on how many persons you are serving
5.  200 ml of water
6.  Seafood
1.  If you are using the thick noodles, cook it separately first and put it aside.
2.  Add the water and stew pre-mix into the pot. 
3.  Turn on high heat and let it boil. 
4.  Lower the heat and add in seafood ingredients
5.  Followed by eggs, beancurd and noodles.
6.  Turn on high heat for the final boil and that's it!
Simple, isn't it?  Taste wise, it is not bad.  If you prefer the stew to be thick and spicy, then the portion might be sufficient for just 2 persons.  If you do not take spicy food well, you will need to add a bit more water.  The thick noodles can be replaced with glass noodles too and it is all a matter of preference.

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