Saturday, June 01, 2013

3D Latte Art

Latte art has entered into an evolution stage from 2D to now 3D.  The pictures of hearts and ferns on your cappuccino or expresso, which started in the 1980s, will soon become a passé.  Japanese 3D latte artist Kazuki Yamaoto has brought this brought this foamy art to a new level.  Some of these photos have been circulating on the internet lately.  They are simply too amazing not to be shared.

Most of the pictures are still in 2D drawing but starting to deviate from the heart or fern designs.

For some art, instead of the typical milk and coffee colour, more colours have been used to make the pictures come alive.
The quantum leap into 3D latte art.  I am truly amazed at the giraffe art.  It looks exactly like a giraffe soft-toy that you'd get from a toy shop.  For some Running Man fans, oh well.. it probably reminds them of Lee Gwang Soo.

This was the picture that caught my attention.  It looks like a real 3D painting depicting a playful cat eyeing at the fishes in a tank!

To craft such interesting art is certainly no easy feat.  It seems to be a nice balance between art and science.  Not only the artist has to have an eye for the artistic details, it also requires precision skills in achieving the balance in proportion so that the object becomes alive.  *Salute*

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