Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eastern (Dong Yuan) Rice Dumpling

It's the Dragon Boat Festival or Dumpling Festival tomorrow.  It typically falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month.  Chinese celebrate this legendary festival by eating steamed rice dumplings, or locally known as bak zang. 

The dumplings come in several traditional recipes namely in Cantonese style, Hokkien style or Nonya style.  My favourite is the traditional is the savoury Hokkien dumpling, made using glutinous rice seasoned with dark soy sauce and 5 spices, dried mushrooms and pork belly.  Some come with the salted egg yolks too.  I have just bought mine from the famous Eastern Rice Dumplings (东园肉粽).  Not only is it reasonably priced and they are really really yummy.  To savour the traditional taste, this is one shop you should not miss.

Due to the festive season, the price has increased a little and be prepared to queue... so, be there early if you want to get hold of your favourite rice dumplings!

Eastern (Dong Yuan) Rice Dumpling
Cold Storage at Compass Point, Basement 1

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