Monday, June 17, 2013

Korean Summer Fruit - Watermelon (수박)

In Singapore, 1 fruit which I feel we have almost taken for granted is the watermelon.  It is available at the food centres and fruit juice stalls that we may sometimes forget how fortunate we are that watermelon is here the whole year round.

In Korea, watermelon is a summer fruit which means you don't get it anytime.  It is said that the sweetest watermelon is from Buyeo 부여 (at south Chungcheong province) during summer.  And also, it is expensive!!  USD$13.50 for 1 watermelon selling at the traditional market in Korea!  But I have to confess that how much 1 whole watermelon costs in Singapore because we often buy them in slices at the fruit juice stalls.  But I reckon that 1 whole watermelon would not costs more than S$10?

Like the Chinese saying "物以稀为贵", we tend to treasure things that are rare to us.  Look at what fascinating dishes that had been created from this summer fruit - watermelon ^^  Kalguksu!  This is amazing!

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