Sunday, July 28, 2013

SG Cafe Series: The Little Prince Cafe (Singapore)

(Photo from The Little Prince Café FB)

It is heartening to know that more cosy and quaint cafes are found in Singapore in the recent years.  Joining the cosy, yet not a cushy, business is the newly opened The Little Prince Café near City Sqaure, Singapore.  Like many others who harbour the dream of having their own cosy café, the owners have put in efforts to set up this café.  I admire their courage for taking the step forward, because manning a start-up is like running a never-ending marathon. 

You will be amazed that the deco and drawings were done up personally by the owners, hand-drawn using markers!  Being an avid fan of "Le Petite Prince", her entire personal book collections, in various languages, are now part of the deco in the café.  I am totally impressed. ^^

The latte is pretty aromatic, endorsing the barista's skills in coffee-making.  Coffees are served in the a glass cup and a metal plate, a nice and unique combination.  Tea was served in the pretty, dainty cup and saucer which gave an royalist feel, matching up to the cafe's prince theme.

A variety of sweet desserts can be found - cupcakes, cakes, scones etc.  The red velvet, with the glitzy butter cream cheese toppings in rose design, was really tasty.  Specially created recipe, mango and pomelo mousse cake, a combination which is found in Chinese dessert 杨枝甘露, is most unique and yummy.

Yangzhi Ganlu cake 

Red Velvet Cupcake

The savoury food served in the café includes quiches, sandwiches and even yakitori.  Great as snacks if you just want some munchies.  Other than coffee and tea, the café offers a variety of beer.  Guess what, I'm sure the yakitori, with tender and flavourful chicken, is a perfect match to go with beer.

Classic Lorraine quiche 


Overall, the café is a good place to hang out in the evenings, after sunset.  It can get a little warm when the sun gets into the café in the late afternoon.  The pricing is reasonable and unlikely to burn a big hole in your pocket.  Do check it out!

The Little Prince Café
62 Somme Road #01-03 Singapore 207877
Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm (Closed on Mondays)

Getting there: Take MRT to Farrer Park MRT Station.  Exit H.  Walk through City Sq Mall and exit to City Square Residences.  Walk along the path along City Sq Residences and you will see a row of shop houses (Somme Road) perpendicular to City Sq Residences. 

Alternative route is also possible if you prefer to walk along the main roads.

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  1. Isit closed on tues or mon? Their fb page said closed every mon...

    1. Thanks for the alert. They might have changed their off-days. ;)


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