Wednesday, July 17, 2013

YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店

Not all coffeeshops open at 5am.  That's what I realised.  It was quite an experience for someone who hardly wakes up early just to catch breakfast.  For this breakfast trips, there were 3 surprising moments. 

Firstly, I was astonished to find that the shuttle at the coffeeshop, located at the junction of Purvis Street and Beach Road, was still closed when it was already approaching 8am.  The coffeeshop officially starts business at 8am.  Not surprising, I was the first customer for that day.  A little annoyed though since I had to leave by 8.30am and therefore, breakfast had to be rushed through.

The coffeeshop is located amongst the rows of old shop-houses.  It is quite tranquil to sit down and have a slow breakfast at these old-school coffeeshops, if you are not rushing for time.  YY serves economic fried bee hoon as well as toast bread in the morning.

The second surprise I had was - the coffeeshop went from empty at 8am to almost full-house within 10mins!  All of the sudden, the place became lively!

I chose to have the toast bread, soft-boiled egg and teh si.  $3.30 for the set.  Quite reasonably priced for a meal that is within the CBD.

The soft-boiled egg was the most satisfying of the 3 items.  The egg yolk was firm while the egg white was watery.  I think only those who are skilled can make such al-dente soft-boiled eggs.  As for the bread, I had asked for butter only but they had given me butter with kaya.  But nevermind, when life gives you lemon, you make into lemonade. 

And I thought that the dark kaya that they use is their signature ingredient.  The third surprise was that it tasted less than ordinary standard leh... sign.  And for the teh-si, it was also so-so and a little "siap".  I really wonder how the siap-ness came about since I am the first customer and the tea should have been freshly brewed?  Perhaps I should just stick with Teh and not Teh-si the next time round, if there is a next time.  Nonetheless, it was good to be an early bird once in a while to experience the Singapore breakfast culture =D

YY Kafei Dian
37 Beach Road #01-01 Singapore 189678

Getting there: Take MRT to Bugis Station.  Use the exit that heads towards Bugis Junction Shopping Mall.  Go to level 1, and head towards Inter-Continental Hotel.  At the cross-junction, walk along North Bridge Road and pass by the National Library.  Keep walking.  At the traffic light in front of Bras Basah Complex, cross over to the opposite side.  Walk along Purvis Street until the end.

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