Sunday, August 18, 2013

[Seoul, Korea] Foodhunt: Black' Smith Sinsa by Song Seung Heon [Closed]

If you think that Korean food is all the Koreans love, you are in for a big surprise.  Western food is a big influence in Korea, especially Italian food.  Many chefs, native Koreans, obtain their professional culinary trainings abroad.  Look at the recipes they had created, the food is totally enticing!  These yummy Italian dishes are from Black' Smith located at Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Spoon pizza is one which I personally like very much.  Key ingredients include roasted bacon and potato, sweet potato and cheese!  Baked to perfect golden brown.  Why is it called spoon pizza?  Because it is to be eaten by scooping using a spoon.

Gorgonzola Pizza is a basic (yet delicious) pizza.  It is gorgonzola cheese served with honey ... simple is good.  You get to focus on the fragrance of the gorgonzola cheese which has a nice buttery taste.

This pasta is Black'Smith's signature dish - Black Smith's Cream Pasta cooked using mushrooms, green peas, bacon, onion and deep flavoured cream sauce.  If you are not a fan of cream pasta, you may find this a little too rich.
If you prefer tomato-based pasta, then try Promodoro.  It is a basic pasta with basil, delicious cheese, extra virgin olive oil and of course, tomatoes.  

Warm bread rolls are served as appetisers, with olive oil dip.  The bread comes with variety so you don't always get the same type of bread when you dine there.

Now, to locate the restaurant is really very easy if you take the subway.  It is a simple 1 minute walk from Exit 8, Sinsa Station.  Look out for the directional details at the end of this post.  This is the building and the restaurant occupies 2 storey.

You will be greeted by Song Seong Heon life-size standy, posters and his interview video clips.  He is in fact the owner of this outlet!

The interior decoration is contemporary and cosy.  Each table comes with a bag holder and this is so useful for female diners.

Did you know that some of the scenes from Korean Drama, When A Man Loves, was filmed in this restaurant too?  The drama poster is up there and I was lucky enough to receive a postcard from the staff when I last visited in April =D

Black'Smith Sinsa
서울 강남구 신사동 514-20
Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 514-20
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm (extended to 11pm on Fri, Sat and Sun)

Tel: 02-3444 8211

Getting there: Take Subway Line 3 to Sinsa Station and use Exit 8.  At the first junction, turn left and Black'Smith would be just in front of you.

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