Sunday, August 25, 2013

Free Latte from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Until 31 Dec 13)

Redeemed my first iced latte from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf today!  Listen up if you are a frequent taxi user!!

For your trips taken using Comfort or Citycab taxi, make 3 payments using MasterCard Paypass from POSB, DBS or CIMB card within the same month and you can redeem an iced or hot latte from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  This promotion is until 31 Dec 2013!

Note that you must use the Paypass payment method ie.  tap-and-go to qualify for this promotion.  If the driver swipes or inserts the card into the payment device, your receipt will not be eligible for this promotion.  Some drivers may not be familiar with using the credit card payment device.  So, as a passenger, help them to help yourself get the free drink.  Here's what the driver needs to do:

1.  On the payment device, select "Credit"
2.  Place the MasterCard Paypass card on the screen.  The machine takes about 3 to 5 secs to detect the Paypass card.
3.  Once the transaction goes through, the word "Approved" will appear on the payment device in green.

How to identify the Paypass receipt?  From my observation, the approval slip is denoted by "Y1".  One other thing to note for using the MasterCard Paypass is that there is a 10% admin charge and GST is imposed on the admin charge amount.  The good news is, under this Paypass promotion, there is a 10% rebate on the cab fare.  This means that the only additional cost is only the GST imposed on admin charge which is quite little compare to the latte drink which you will be eligible to redeem!

Details of the promotion is available respectively on MasterCard and Comfort Delgro's website.

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