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SG Cafe Series: Japanese-themed Cafe : Kki Sweets [Closed]

Tucked in a quiet corner at the edge of Centre Business District, surrounded by the concrete jungle at one side and yet nestled in the vintage and tranquil surrounding at the other, Ann Siang Hill is a place where you get to experience the modern yet traditional part of Singapore.

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Kki Sweets, a Japanese-themed cake shop, is located within row of vintage shophouses that had been preserved even after the War World II period.  Most the these shophouses are now F&B outlets serving a variety of eastern, western and fusion food.  Kki Sweets sits quietly at a corner in a newly furbished building, whose entrance isn't that conspicuous.  Keep a lookout for the 3 round signages that stick out from the building pillar.

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There aren't many cake variety to choose from, yet all that are on display are all-so-pretty that it is difficult to choose which to go for.  Because of this, it may be a good idea to go with 6 to 8 friends and you can order more cakes to try!  However, there are a few things that may be good to note.  Firstly, the number of seats are limited in the café because a section of the shop is owned by The Little Drom Store.  Outdoor seats are available on days where weather is good so that makes things a little better.  Secondly, the cakes are rather pricey, starting from $6 onwards.  And, afternoon tea wouldn't be complete without a cuppa or some tea.
There are some cakes for reference.  My friends and I couldn't decide which was our favourite because the cakes were ALL really nice and unique.  You can easily tell that the presentation and ingredients used are atypical from what you get from normal cafes.

Little Red Riding Hood
Dark Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Centre 

Coconut Mousse with passionfruit centre

Strawberry Shortcake
Fresh strawberries with French Fresh Cream

The Little Drom Store is a gallery shop (yes, the stuff looks like little exhibits) with knick knacks from toys, stationery, books, accessories, bags.  Some of these stuff are really vintage and perhaps those born from 1980s onwards might not know how to appreciate them!  Oops... I am revealing my age!

This is the prints on a fabric tote bag... for those in your 30s, there is a high chance that you had played this game while schooling (in Singapore), RIGHT?  For my overseas readers, this is a verse that we recite for the scissors, paper, rock game.   No idea, what this is about?  Read about the origin here.  Still unsure how the game goes, watch the demo here - English version,  Korean version.  Hope you get it now!

Kki Sweets [The café is now closed and will be moved to a location.  Stay tuned for updates.]
7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791
Opening Hours: Tue to Sat - 12pm to 7pm; Sun - 1pm to 7pm, Closed on Mondays
Tel: 6225 6650

Getting there:  Take the MRT to Chinatown Station, although it is also possible to get to Ann Siang Hill via Tanjong Pagar, Outram Park or Raffles Place Stations too.  From Chinatown Station, use Exit A.  After exiting, walk straight until you reach the main road - South Bridge Road.  Cross the road and walk in the direction towards Maxwell Food Centre.  At a small lane before reaching Nanyang Old Coffee, turn left and walk up the hill all the way.  After a gentle left bend, you should see Kki Sweets at the corner of a white building.

[Note: The shop at Ann Siang Hill is closed since after Christmas 2013.  The owner is in the midst on the new shop location]

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