Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Singapore Restaurant] Korean Grill BBQ Buffet - Ssikkek BBQ

Hey, looking for buffet, and particularly Korean buffet?  Not many Korean restaurants serve buffet and Korean food is known not to be cheap in Singapore. After so many years, Ssikkek has maintained its top spot in the hearts of my friends and I because the food is generally good and it is quite affordable.  Weekday lunch buffet at $14++ and dinner at $22++.  Weekend / Public Holiday is at $24++.  Check the website for kids' price.

The kimchi soup is always the first dish that we would dash for because it is soooo popular.  Relatively thick gravy and flavourful.  Look!  The soup is finishing up faster than the ingredients!

Second on my list to dash for is the rice cakes, ddeokbokki.  Fresh fish cakes and rice cakes that are chewy and not too hard.  Sauce is good too.

Third item to dash for is the pancake, pajeon.  Thin slices and fragrant.  Those who prefer thick batter may disagree that this is worth dashing for.

And finally, meat dishes is what people may dash for at other restaurants.  But in Ssikkek, even though all the side dishes and drinks have ran out, the meat continues to be available.  It isn't that the meat dishes are not popular, in fact, they are very well marinated and delicious.  The standard chicken, pork and beef variety is sufficient to fill any hungry fellow.

While all these may sound all too good, are there things to note while dining there?  Yes, there are.  Firstly, due to long queues at the restaurants all the time, they have staggered the dinner hours.  I may not be totally certain but I think there are only 2 timings to choose from for dinner, either 6pm or 8pm.  So, timing isn't that flexible.  Secondly, if you are taking the 8pm dinner slot, fast fingers are needed to dash for the side dishes because the dishes may run out by 8.30pm :(  Thirdly, the restaurant closes at 10ish, so dinner at 8pm may be a little short if your plan is to have a slow and relax meal....

Ssikkek Korean BBQ
101 Thomson Road, United Square
Singapore 307591
Tel: 6254 8123

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri : 11.30am to 2.30pm (Lunch), 5pm to 11pm (Dinner)
Weekend / PH : 11.30pm to 11pm

Nearest Station: Novena Station

Getting there: Use Exit B1.  Walk in the direction against the traffic flow and pass by Goldhill Shopping Centre.  The next building is United Square. 

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