Tuesday, August 20, 2013

San Shu Gong (三叔公) and Lao Qian (老钱) in Singapore

There's always 1 product that I am sure to bring back to Singapore whenever I go to Malacca.  That's the San Shu Gong beh-teh-soh (三叔公马蹄酥).  This is a flaky-crunchy crust-skin pastry with malt filling.  It is a charcoal-baked traditional Hokkien pastry.... delicious!

I vaguely remembered that the Lao Qian coffee is quite nice.... a colleague had introduced this to me.  However, I only tried once.  Now that I chance upon it again, shall give it another try!

For Malaysian-pastry lovers, you might go crazy and want to buy EVERYTHING home!  Chill!

Where are these found?  The answer is Cold Storage at Compass Point Basement 1.... while stock lasts!

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  1. Hi, is the cold storage at compass point still selling the beh teh so?

    1. Hi Marilynn, sorry I am not too sure if they have it now. Hardly go there these days....


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