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[Jeju-do, Korea] Guesthouse in Jeju City, Worlang House

Whenever I think of Jeju, I am reminded of this very cosy guesthouse - Worlang House - where I stayed in and it felt like home.  Fully lined with wood flooring, the guesthouse is modern and comfortable.  It is bed and breakfast guesthouse, and so you get to prepare a simple breakfast at your own time, own pace in the morning.  Mr Heung, who is in-charge of the guesthouse is conversant in English and is very prompt, responsive and helpful.

Worlang House is located just 5-mins drive away from Jeju Airport.  The guesthouse is located on the 3rd floor.  On the ground floor, there is a DIY coin-operated laundry shop equipped with a computer, wifi and coffee for guests while waiting for the laundry to be ready.  Convenient stores, restaurants and bistros can be found in the vicinity.  The walk to the main road is about 3 to 5 mins where you can take a bus to town or to the bus terminal.

A point to note is that most guesthouses in Korea have no lift!  Be prepared and manage the weight of your luggage as you dragged it up the stairs!

Right from the moment I stepped into Worlang House, I could immediate feel the comfort of a home.  The place has 3 bedrooms on the 3rd floor and 1 bedroom at the attic.  The living hall at the 3rd floor has a coffee table, books (including travel books) and a music player.  There is no in the hall as well as in the rooms.  Wi-fi is available in the guesthouse.  Music and lights at the living hall go off at 10.30pm every night.

The kitchen is also a cosy area.  It is complete with cooking utensils, water dispenser and microwave oven.  There is also a fridge for guests to keep their food there.

The bedrooms are clean, simple and functional.  The space isn't luxurious and just enough for luggage and some walking space.  Mr Heung cleans the house everyday to keep the rooms spick and span.

 (Double room)

 (Double-decker room)

 (Family room which has both a double bed and a double-decker bed)

 (Room at the attic)

(Mirror in the room)

Mr Heung gets the breakfast ingredients ready at about 8am every morning.  That includes salad, fruits, hash-brown, orange juice, bread, eggs.  Guests can then cook up their own breakfast.  Coffee and tea is available throughout the day.

Guests can choose to have their breakfast at the living hall or at the cosy corner with chairs.  Breakfast is also the best time to get to know the other residents in the guesthouse.  During my short few-day stay, I noticed that there were quite a number of solo travellers who stayed at Worlang House.  Most of them stayed for only 1 night though.

Overall, my experience at Worlang House was great except for a little encounter where we would hear the domestic fight from the neighbour downstairs.  As usual, Mr Heung was quick to come up to the guesthouse to assure us of safety.

The place is really affordable as well.  The charge for 2 persons is 50,000 won (~ USD50) per night.  Other pricing details is available through Worlang House's website.  The guesthouse was full-house on most of the days where I stayed, so it proofs to be quite a popular place amongst travellers.  Do book early to avoid disappointment!

For booking, visit BnBHero.
Address: 1271-5, Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea (36 Worlong Road 6)
Check-in time: 4pm, Check-out time: 11am

Getting there: Best to catch a taxi from Jeju Airport directly since the distance is really short.  Estimated taxi fare is 3,500 won (~ USD 3.50).

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  1. Hi Jos,

    I 've booked the Worlang HOuse too at this coming november. Just wanna find out from you, is the nearby bus terminal consists of both intercity and local buses? IS there any chance u know the name of the particular Bus stn? Tqs in adv!


    1. Hi YS, the Jeju intercity bus terminal is about 15-min ride from the bus-stop nearest to Worlang House. You can ask Mr Heung to point up to the bus-stop's direction. It is along a busy main road where Citibank, KB can be found. Cross the road to Namnyeong High School bus-stop. But I forgot what bus number to take. If you can read Hangeul, check out the directory for buses that go to "Jeju Bus Terminal" or just ask a local for direction =) The bus terminal is quite huge and the bus will stop right in front of the building. Hope this helps. ^^

  2. I have found very blog nice and very useful information shared by author. Korea is a very nice and beautiful and attractive place.
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    1. Thank you for your compliments. Glad that you found the info useful ^^


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