Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Singapore Foodcourt] Kim Dae Mun Korean Food

It has been 5 years since I last blogged about Kim Dae Mun Korean Food.  This food court stall has grown contained to receive rave reviews from Korean food lovers in Singapore and it is often being referred to as the "Best Korean Food" in town.  Their customer base are mostly locals as well as a good number of Koreans who are on vacation in Singapore.  With it's accessible location in downtown Orchard, it is without doubt that the waiting time will be slightly longer during lunch and dinner. 

Consistency in food quality has always been their strength.  All their dishes are consistently good and they managed to keep the prices very affordable.  All set meals are below $8, which include rice, soup and side dishe (choice of kimchi, anchovy or cucumber).  There is option not to take the rice and/or side dishes and they are happy not to include those charges ie. 50c off for the rice / side dishes.

I have introduced many friends to this stall.  Other than the standard bulgogi and kimchi stew, I would usually ask them to try the fried glass noodles and potato pancake.  Most of them found the glass noodles to be delicious =)

The portion for the glass noodles is generous.  Main ingredients are cabbage, green vegetables, pork and egg.  There is option to have chilli or not.  There is also option to exclude the meat if you prefer not to have it.

The potato pancake on its own is quite ordinary.  What makes a great difference is the dipping sauce, that adds a little sourish appetising taste.  The kimchi fried rice is also not bad.  Rice was fried with generous serving of kimchi.

Although the rice cakes is sold as a side dish, the portion is big enough to be a full meal.  From the colour of the sauce, doesn't it already tell how good it taste?  Yes, and it comes with a full egg for every portion of ddeokbokki.

This is the most economical Korean food option in Orchard.  And it easily beats some of the more expensive restaurants in Orchard hands-down. =)

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food
100 Orchard Road Singapore 238840
Concorde Hotel Basement Foodcourt
Opens daily except for Mondays

Nearest MRT: Somerset Station

Getting there:  Exit MRT station and walk along Somerset Road towards the direction of Plaza Singapura.  At the Killiney Road junction, turn left.  At the traffic junction, continue in the same direction cross over to OG Orchard.  At the same junctions, turn right and cross over to Concorde Hotel.

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