Sunday, September 15, 2013

[Mooncake 2013] Peach Garden Mooncake

The mid-autumn festival is around the corner again.  What can't be missed out be the traditional baked-skin monncakes with yolks!  My preference is 2-yolk mooncakes.  1-yolk seems not too little and will not be satisfying while 4-yolk seems to be an overkill. 

This year's preference goes to Peach Garden.  Bought this directly from the Peach Garden Restaurant at Orchid Country which was offering 15% discount for most credit cards.  What's interesting is that each card offers a different combination of mooncakes.  The upside is that for those that holds a string of credit cards, you have a wide selection and of course, on the flip side, you need to hold that particular credit card to be eligible to that that combination of your choice.

However, the restaurant does exercise flexibility for swapping of flavour, and try to meet your choice as far as they can.  Here's what I got for myself which costs $41+.

2 pieces of premium lotus paste (white) with 2 yolks, 1 piece of premium lotus paste (white) with macadamia nuts and 1 piece of premium lotus paste with black & white sesame seeds.  I am so excited to try it!  Can't wait for the mid-autumn festival actual day to arrive!

Peach Garden is located at:
1. Miramar Hotel
2. OCBC Centre
3. Orchid Country Club
4. Thomson Plaza
5. Novena Gardens
6. Chinatown Point

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