Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Airline Promotions to Korea - Singapore to Seoul / Busan / Jeju (Winter 2013)

Are you planning to spend a white Christmas or new year in Korea or planning to shop till you drop during the Korea Grand Sale?  I will begin to compile a list of airline promos to Korea.  Year-end is the peak travel season and as such, travel deals will be quite limited.  [Note: Click here for Spring 2014 airfare promos.]

Korean Air

Singapore to Seoul: from SGD700
Booking Period: 1 to 31 Jan 2014
Travel Period: 1 to 28 Feb 2014
Check website for details:

Singapore to Seoul: from SGD730
Booking Period: 25 Nov 2013 to 20 Dec 2013 [Promotion Ended]
Travel Period: 1 Jan 2014 to 31 Mar 2014
Min / Max Stay: No minimum / Max of 6 months

Singapore to Seoul: from SGD917.90
Booking Period: 19 Nov 2013 to 31 Dec 2013 [Promotion Ended]
Travel Period: 1 Jan 2014 to 28 Feb 2014
Min / Max Stay: No minimum / Max of 6 months

Singapore to Seoul: from SGD1073.90
Booking Period: 18 Apr 2013 to 20 Jan 2014 [Promotion Ended]
Travel Period: 15 Nov 2013 to 1 Feb 2014
Min / Max Stay: No minimum / Max of 6 months

Singapore to Seoul: from SGD953.90
Booking Period: 18 Apr 2013 to 31 Mar 2014
Travel Period: 18 Apr 2013 to 30 Jun 2014
Min / Max Stay: No minimum / Max of 6 months


Singapore to Seoul: SGD 785 (Gift from the Sky II Promotion) [Promotion Ended]

Booking Period: 15 Oct to 15 Nov 2013
Travel Period: 18 Oct 2013 to 31 Mar 2014

Details can be found at

Asiana Airlines

Singapore to Seoul / Busan / Jeju : from SGD847 / 995 / 997
Booking Period: 30 May 2013 to 30 Jun 2014
Travel Period: 30 May 2013 to 31 Dec 2014
Min / Max Stay: No minimum / Max of 6 months

Singapore to Seoul : from SGD 738 [Promotion Ended]
Booking Period: 1 to 31 Dec 2013
Travel Period: 3 Feb to 30 Apr 2014
Min / Max Stay: No minimum / Max of 6 months

Singapore to Seoul: from SGD735.55 [Promotion Ended]
Booking Period: 4 Nov to 30 Nov 2013
Travel Period: 1 Jan to 30 April 2014
Min / Max Stay: No minimum / Max of 6 months


Singapore Airlines

Singapore to Seoul: from SGD628 (min. 2 to travel) [Promotion Ended]
Booking Period : 9 Jan to 3 Feb 2014
Travel Period: 1 Feb to 16 Apr 2014 (except for outbound from Singapore between 14 and 17 March)
Min / Max Stay: 3 Days / 14 Days
Round trip economy class

Singapore to Seoul : fr SGD 828 (min 2 to travel) [Promotion Ended]

Booking Period : 10 to 20 Dec 2013
Travel Period : 10 Dec 2013 to 27 Jan 2014
Min/Max Stay: 3 / 14 Days
Round Trip Economy Class

Details can be found at

Singapore to Seoul : fr SGD 698 (Minimum 1 to travel, exclusive for VISA cardholders) [Promotion Ended]
Booking Period : 8 Nov to 15 Dec 2013
Travel Period : 1 Feb to 13 Mar 2014
Min/Max Stay: 3 / 14 Days
Round Trip Economy Class
Valid on SQ600 and SQ602 only

Details can be found at and

Singapore to Seoul : fr SGD 798 (Minimum 2 to travel) [Promotion Ended]

Booking Period : until 18 Nov 2013
Travel Period : 26 Dec 2013 to 24 Jan 2014
Min/Max Stay: 3 / 14 Days
Round Trip Economy Class
Valid on SQ600 and SQ602 only

Details can be found at

Cathay Pacific

Singapore to Seoul (via HK) : from SGD 268 [Promotion Ended]
Booking Period: until 2 Feb 2014
Travel Period : Ex Singapore between 16 Jan and 30 Apr 2014
Min/Max Stay: 2 Day /  1 Month
Round Trip Economy Class

Singapore to Seoul (via HK) : from SGD 873 [2-to-Travel Year Long Fare]
Travel Period : until 31 Oct 2014
Min/Max Stay: 2 Day /  1 Month
Round Trip Economy Class
Unused ticket may be refunded at an admin charge of SGD150.

Singapore to Seoul (via HK) : SGD 623 (Minimum 1 to travel) [Promotion Ended]
Booking Period : until 30 Nov 2013
Travel Period : 5 Feb to 31 May 2014
Min/Max Stay: 2 Day /  1 Month
Round Trip Economy Class

Singapore to Seoul (via HK) : from SGD 758 (ANZ Card Promotion) [Promotion Ended]
Booking Period : 12 Nov to 9 Dec 2013
Travel Period : 12 Nov 2013 to 30 April 2014 (to check actual permissible dates from websites)
Min/Max Stay: 2 Day /  1 Month
Round Trip Economy Class

Details can be found at website.

China Airlines

Singapore to Busan / Seoul (via Taipei) : from SGD 804 / SGD810 (1 to go fare)  [Promotion Ended]
Booking Period: 22 Nov 2013 to 4 Jan 2014
Travel Period : 27 Dec 2013 to 29 May 2014
Min/Max Stay: max of  1 Month
Round Trip Economy Class
Unused ticket may be refunded at an admin charge of SGD150.

Details can be found here or

China Eastern Shanghai Airlines

Singapore to Seoul / Busan / Jeju (via Shanghai) : from SGD 764 / 752 / 754 (1 to go fare)
Booking Period: 22 May 2013 to 30 June 2014
Travel Period : 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014
Min/Max Stay: max of  6 Months
Round Trip Economy Class

Singapore to Seoul (via Shanghai) : from SGD 566 (1 to go fare)
Booking Period: 18 Oct 2013 to 30 June 2014
Travel Period : 18 Oct 2013 to 30 Sep 2014
Min/Max Stay: max of  6 Months
Round Trip Economy Class

Details can be found at

That's all for now!  Do keep me posted if you know if any great deals!  TIA!

Monday, October 28, 2013

[Gyeonggi, Korea] The historial drama playground, MBC Dramia

Fans of MBC Korean historical drama must make a visit to this Hallyu hub - MBC Dramia located at Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, Seoul.  This is the exact location where drama hits such as Jewel in the Crown (Lee Young-Ae and Ji Jin-Hee), Jumong (Song Il-Guk and Han Hye-Jin), Dong-yi (Han Hyo-Joo and Ji Jin-Hee), The Great Queen Songdeok (Lee Yo-Won, Go Hyun-Jung and Uhm Tae-Woong), Yi San, Wind of the Palace (Lee Seo-Jin and Park Ji-Min), The Duo (Chun Jung-Myung, Lee Sang-Yoon, Han Ji-Hye and Seo Hyun-Jin) and recent top dramas - Moon Embracing Sun (Kim Soo-Hyun and Han Ga-In), Dr Jin (Song Seung-Heon and Park Min-Young) and Gu Family Book (Lee Seung-Gi and Bae Suzy)!

Unlike other drama sets which are built and destroyed subsequently, MBC Dramia allow visitors to enjoy the architects of different periods from The Three Kingdom Period to the Joseon Dynasty.
Built in the land of 2,800,000 sq metres, MBC Dramia is one of the biggest Korean wave birthplaces with the shooting complex of 165,000 sq metres wide, mini local market places of 8 different regions in Korea and hanok houses.

There is an booth to purchase the admission ticket to MBC Dramia.  Prices are relatively reasonable, all under 10,000 won.  A huge MBC signage welcomes you as you walk pass the main entrance. 

Along the way, there are lots of drama banners attached to the fences capturing the filming scenes of the various dramas made in this mega studio.

This is an area featuring the downtown street / marketplace.  Fans of Gu Family Book may recall this to be the place where the lantern festival took place.  In that scene (Episode 14), Yeo-wool (Bae Suzy) put on a dress for the first time on her date with Kang-chi (Lee Seung-Gi), who was dumb-founded when he saw her in a dress.

The following location is at the top of the hill.  In the Gu Family Book, this place was the "Muhyeongdogwan", the martial art academy where Yeo-Wool's father was the instructor.

In the pavilion opposite the house, that was where Kang-chi was asked to count beans!

Enjoy the view of the entire MBC Dramia from the pavilion which is the highest point in this filming site.  Can you imagine how the scenery will be at the peak of the autumn season?  It will be extremely awesome!

Other locations in the site includes military drill hall, police bureau, palaces, houses of high-ranking officials etc.

To fully enjoy the architecture in the entire place, set aside about 2 hours as there will lots of photo opportunities with the sets and the character standees.  There is also a small oriental teahouse and souvenir shop to rest and shop.  Here's the layout of the filming site for reference.

Tips: Do find out ahead of visit whether any MBC historical drama is being filmed at MBC Dramia.  You may be lucky enough to meet the actors/actresses!  Unfortunately for me, the filming for Goddess of Fire ended a few weeks earlier, otherwise, I might have a chance to meet Kim Bum!!

MBC Dramia
778-1 Yongcheon-ri, Baegam-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Seoul
Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm (March to October); 10am to 5pm (November to February)

Admission Fee
Adult: 7,000 won
Students: 6,000 won
Children: 5,000 won

Getting there
From Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Baekam Terminal.
Take bus 35-1 or a taxi to MBC Dramia.


From Yongin Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus 10-4, 94 or 94-1.
Get off at Baekam Terminal and transfer to bus 35-1.  Get off at Yongcheon (용천) and walk 600m.

Estimated travelling time from Seoul is 2hr to 2.5hr

View Larger Map

[This trip is made possible by the Asian On Air programme, organised by the Korean Air and Korea Tourism Organisation].

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Friday, October 25, 2013

[Gyeonggi-do, Korea] Happy Halloween at Everland!

Halloween is just around the corner!  If you are in Korea right at this moment, you would notice that the festive mood is quite high!  Pumpkin-inspired donuts and muffins can be found in the bakery!  Which is the cutest??

Even at the popular themepark, Everland, the musical is inspired by the Halloween icon, pumpkin!  There is daily Halloween performance at the Four Seasons Garden, which is a European-inspired garden filled with western architecture buildings.  There are seasonal flower festivals in this garden.  Tulips in spring, lilies in summer and chrysanthemums in autumn.  Check this out!

About Everland (Info from KTO website)

Everland Resort was opened in 1976 as the first family park in Korea. Though originally called ‘Yongin Jayeon Nongwon,’ the company changed its name to ‘Everland’ to make the name more recognizable to international audiences. The park is home to over 40 heart-pounding rides and attractions. In addition to ‘Safari World’ featuring white tigers, tigers, lions and bears, ‘Herbivore Safari’ opened in April 2010, letting visitors get up close and personal with the safari’s giraffes, elephants, and ostriches. Everland is also known for its gorgeous flower arrangements and beautiful gardens, which have been year-round fixtures since the Rose Festival in 1985.

Operating Hours
Weekdays 10:00-22:00 / Saturdays 10:00-20:00 / Sundays, public holidays 9:30-22:00

Admission Fees
* One-day Pass
- Daytime: Adults 40,000 won / Teenagers 34,000 won / Children 31,000 won
- Nighttime: Adults 33,000 won / Teenagers 28,000 won / Children 25,000 won

* Two-day Pass
Adults: 64,000 won / Teenagers: 55,000 won / Children: 50,000 won

* Admission Ticket
- Daytime: Adults 33,000 won / Teenagers 28,000 won / Children 25,000 won
- Nighttime: Adults 26,000 won / Teenagers 24,000 won / Children 22,000 won

* Children: ages 36 months-12 / Teenager: ages 13-18
* Nighttime tickets are available starting from 17:00.

Getting there
Subway + Bus
1) Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 or Sinbundang Line), Exit 5 or 10.
Take bus 5002 to Everland. (Travel time: 50 min)

2) Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 1.
Take bus 5800 to Everland. (Travel time: 50 min)

3) Sadang Station (Seoul Subway Lines 2, 4), Exit 2 or 3.
Take bus 1500-2 to Everland. (Travel time: 80 min).

City Bus
From Yongin or Suwon, take bus 66 or 66-4 to Everland.

From Yongin Bus terminal.
Take bus 5002 or 5800 at the bus stop in front of Hotel Cinema.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

[Chungcheongnam-do, Korea] Autumn Series: Shell-fish dinner at the Mysterious Muchanpo Beach

Introducing this clear blue sea with beauty that was beyond imagination.  The faraway horizon that made me wonder who was at the other end of the horizon and whether they were admiring the same blue sea as I was.

Located in Boryeong in Chungcheongnam-do, Muchangpo Beach is one of the first man-made beaches along the western coastline in Korea.  During the tides at the summer season (on 15th and 30th during the 7th lunar month), one may witness the mysterious parting of the sea that will reveal the 1.5km sea road from the Muchangpo Beach to Seokdaedo Island.

I was there during autumn and had just the magnificent sea part view.  Nonetheless, the view was exceptionally beautiful during sunset.  The short-lived sunset lasted only about 20 minutes.

Next to the Muchangpo Beache Palance (spa hotel) was a restaurant that specialised in grilled shell-fish.  It had a small tentage for diners who prepared a different experience.  The tentage was warm as it was equipped with a heater as well as the heat from our cooking, but the chill was a little unbearable the moment we walked out from the tentage.

I had my first experience in grilling shell-fishes and scallops.  It was really exciting as we had to watch out for the popping moments from the shell-fishes.  The moment it "popped", it's shell opened up to 90 degrees and it was cooked.  And we had to quickly moved them away from the grill before it got overcooked! Grilling scallops were much easier though as we could see with our naked eye if they were cooked.

The staple of that dinner was this big pot of kalguksu noodles with seafood and vegetables.  The freshly-cut noodles was slightly chewy and delicious.  Totally appetizing and it warmed the body and prepared us before we braved through the cold wind to return back to the hotel after dinner.

Getting to Muchangpo:

Yongsan Station (Subway Line 1) or Yeongdeungpo Station (Subway Line 2)
Take a train to Ungcheon (Janghang line) to Ungcheon Station.
From the train station, take the Muchangpo Bus (no number, only '무창포').
Get off at Muchangpo Beach.

*Train - travel time: about 3hrs.
*Bus - travel time: 10-20 min

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[Seoul, Korea] MBC Show Champion

One of the activities which I enjoy doing most is to watch live music shows.  It has almost been 10 years since I last watched a live music programme.  Back then, it was Music Bank.  It lasted such a deep impression as I recalled that popular singers back then namely UN, Se7en and perhaps Kim Jong Kook sang live.

This time round, the feeling of watching a live programme, MBC Show Champion, was nostalgic.  I didn't get high or scream till my throat burst when the singers appeared.  Perhaps there was a generation gap but the truth is I haven't been able to keep up with the number of new singers who debut every year, or maybe every month.  Sometimes, I felt encouraged by these young people who has stepped out and daringly pursue their dreams despite that the Korean entertainment industry is extremely competitive.

Some highlights from that evening...

Groovy ballad singer, K Will, with his catchy "Love Blossoms" won the Champion Song that evening. 

Powerhouse duo, 15&, won the audience's attention with "Somebody".

ZE:A FIVE with "The Day We Broke Up"

Interview with BTOB.

The show hosts, Amber and Ham Eunjung, were great chirpy and chatty pair!  They look really young, energetic and sporty, don't they?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

SG Cafe Series: Kith Cafe

This is 1 café which appears to be full-house almost ALL the time.  If you go on weekends, it is not advisable if you go with an empty stomach.  Simply because - be prepared to queue and wait.  The café is packed especially during breakfast!

There are seats in both the indoor and outdoor sections but seating capacity is limited by the shop space.

The service staff are quite efficient and experienced.  There aren't the typical pretty-looking waiters and waitresses that you may find in our cafes.  The feeling I get at the café is rather homely... it is like visiting a neighbourhood coffeeshop (abit an atas one) but in downtown.

Tried the Spanish Hot Chocolate with Fresh Cream.  It tasted great!  The chocolate was thick and the satisfying thing is that - it tasted like cocoa.  This is not meant to be lame because too many cafes serve hot chocolate that does not meet the drink's standard. 

Bought these golden-coin butter cookies too.  The cookies are big, really rich (and complete) in taste and fresh!  2 thumbs up from me.  If you enjoy rich cookies, you will love this! 

Kith Café
Park Mall
9 Penang Road #01-01E
Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm


Getting there:
Train MRT and alight at Dhoby Ghaut Station.  Take the Orchard Road exit and walk towards Penang Road, Park Mall.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Incheon, Korea] Autumn Series: Up Close and Personal with Seagulls

This is a short post to share a memorable experience on-board a ferry which brought me from Incheon to mainland Korea.  Has anyone tried taking a huge ferry across the deep blue sea in the Land of the Morning Calm?
In Korea, it is not uncommon to see extremely huge ferries that transport cars and buses across the sea.  That was my tour coach and see how spacious the ferry was.

Due to the size of the ferry, it is extremely stable and you can hardly feel the motions while on board.  Took the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunrise.

Seagulls fly freely, sometimes even onto the ferry.  Prawn crackers are tossed into the air and the hungry seagulls would rush to catch the falling crackers. 

The close and intimate interactions is something that I would never get to see while back home.  =)

Monday, October 07, 2013

[Jeollanam-do, Korea] Autumn Series: Rail-Biking Along Seomjingang River

Seomjingang River, one of the four major rivers in Korea, starts from Imsil and Sunchang. It merges with several bodies of water in Gokseong-gun, Gurye and Hadong before flowing into the South Sea.  With the cool weather, rail-biking is one way to enjoy the scenic Seomjingang River scenery, in Gokseong County. 

Rail biking is a self-powered pedal vehicle and runs on railroad tracks.  Work in a pair or 2 pairs, and it is great fun for family and friends.  The rail bike starts from Chimgok Station and ends at Gajeong Station.  Enjoy the gentle breeze as you pedal through the rail road, which is approximately 5.1km long between the 2 points.

Enjoying the clear, blue skies... as a safety precaution, we were asked to keep a distance from the vehicle ahead.  On the vehicle, there is a small storage area for bags and stuff but it is definitely not big enough to keep big items!

Views of Seomjingang River.  Clear river water runs through peacefully, quietly and slowly... 

Roads are clear, no messy congestions, no honks, no hurry ~

Riders take our time too ~ enjoy the cool wind, savour the moments with nature, have a chat with your partner, crack some jokes, take turns to pedal the vehicle.... that's how life should be.

Reality sets in as we end the tranquillity of the Seomjingang River Rail Bike but memories stay. 

Our destination was the Gajeong Train Station.  Around the station, there are a number of restaurants, temples, markets and pensions too.  It is possible to stay over for a night or two at the vicinity of the Gajeong Station.

Getting to Chimgok Station:

Take a bus from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal to Gokseong Bus Terminal.
(Bus schedule: 15:00 / Estimated travel time: 3hr 45min)

Alternatively, take the KTX from Yongsan Station (Seoul) to Gokseong Station. 
(Train schedule: 08:20am and 19:20pm; 2hr 49min ride)

It takes about 5 to 10 mins by taxi and 20 to 30 minutes on foot from Gokseong -eup Bus Terminal to the Rail Bike Station.

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