Friday, October 25, 2013

[Gyeonggi-do, Korea] Happy Halloween at Everland!

Halloween is just around the corner!  If you are in Korea right at this moment, you would notice that the festive mood is quite high!  Pumpkin-inspired donuts and muffins can be found in the bakery!  Which is the cutest??

Even at the popular themepark, Everland, the musical is inspired by the Halloween icon, pumpkin!  There is daily Halloween performance at the Four Seasons Garden, which is a European-inspired garden filled with western architecture buildings.  There are seasonal flower festivals in this garden.  Tulips in spring, lilies in summer and chrysanthemums in autumn.  Check this out!

About Everland (Info from KTO website)

Everland Resort was opened in 1976 as the first family park in Korea. Though originally called ‘Yongin Jayeon Nongwon,’ the company changed its name to ‘Everland’ to make the name more recognizable to international audiences. The park is home to over 40 heart-pounding rides and attractions. In addition to ‘Safari World’ featuring white tigers, tigers, lions and bears, ‘Herbivore Safari’ opened in April 2010, letting visitors get up close and personal with the safari’s giraffes, elephants, and ostriches. Everland is also known for its gorgeous flower arrangements and beautiful gardens, which have been year-round fixtures since the Rose Festival in 1985.

Operating Hours
Weekdays 10:00-22:00 / Saturdays 10:00-20:00 / Sundays, public holidays 9:30-22:00

Admission Fees
* One-day Pass
- Daytime: Adults 40,000 won / Teenagers 34,000 won / Children 31,000 won
- Nighttime: Adults 33,000 won / Teenagers 28,000 won / Children 25,000 won

* Two-day Pass
Adults: 64,000 won / Teenagers: 55,000 won / Children: 50,000 won

* Admission Ticket
- Daytime: Adults 33,000 won / Teenagers 28,000 won / Children 25,000 won
- Nighttime: Adults 26,000 won / Teenagers 24,000 won / Children 22,000 won

* Children: ages 36 months-12 / Teenager: ages 13-18
* Nighttime tickets are available starting from 17:00.

Getting there
Subway + Bus
1) Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 or Sinbundang Line), Exit 5 or 10.
Take bus 5002 to Everland. (Travel time: 50 min)

2) Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 1.
Take bus 5800 to Everland. (Travel time: 50 min)

3) Sadang Station (Seoul Subway Lines 2, 4), Exit 2 or 3.
Take bus 1500-2 to Everland. (Travel time: 80 min).

City Bus
From Yongin or Suwon, take bus 66 or 66-4 to Everland.

From Yongin Bus terminal.
Take bus 5002 or 5800 at the bus stop in front of Hotel Cinema.

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