Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Incheon, Korea] Autumn Series: Up Close and Personal with Seagulls

This is a short post to share a memorable experience on-board a ferry which brought me from Incheon to mainland Korea.  Has anyone tried taking a huge ferry across the deep blue sea in the Land of the Morning Calm?
In Korea, it is not uncommon to see extremely huge ferries that transport cars and buses across the sea.  That was my tour coach and see how spacious the ferry was.

Due to the size of the ferry, it is extremely stable and you can hardly feel the motions while on board.  Took the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunrise.

Seagulls fly freely, sometimes even onto the ferry.  Prawn crackers are tossed into the air and the hungry seagulls would rush to catch the falling crackers. 

The close and intimate interactions is something that I would never get to see while back home.  =)

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