Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[Seoul, Korea] MBC Show Champion

One of the activities which I enjoy doing most is to watch live music shows.  It has almost been 10 years since I last watched a live music programme.  Back then, it was Music Bank.  It lasted such a deep impression as I recalled that popular singers back then namely UN, Se7en and perhaps Kim Jong Kook sang live.

This time round, the feeling of watching a live programme, MBC Show Champion, was nostalgic.  I didn't get high or scream till my throat burst when the singers appeared.  Perhaps there was a generation gap but the truth is I haven't been able to keep up with the number of new singers who debut every year, or maybe every month.  Sometimes, I felt encouraged by these young people who has stepped out and daringly pursue their dreams despite that the Korean entertainment industry is extremely competitive.

Some highlights from that evening...

Groovy ballad singer, K Will, with his catchy "Love Blossoms" won the Champion Song that evening. 

Powerhouse duo, 15&, won the audience's attention with "Somebody".

ZE:A FIVE with "The Day We Broke Up"

Interview with BTOB.

The show hosts, Amber and Ham Eunjung, were great chirpy and chatty pair!  They look really young, energetic and sporty, don't they?

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