Friday, November 01, 2013

[K-Beauty] Korean Cosmetics Specially for Minnie Mouse Fans!

Cuteness-overload XOXO Minnie cosmetics can be found at Etude House in Korea!  The packaging is totally girly and the items are snapped up like hotcakes in many Etude House outlets.  The price is reasonable and that's good (or maybe not so good for Minnie fans).

A closer look at the items here.  On the left is the Minnie Touch Highlighter and the Minnie Touch Blusher. 15,000 won each.

In it's adorable pinky packaging, you may find it too cute to use.

Choice of long & sexy eyelashes and short & chic eyelashes are available in this range too. 3, 000 won each.

How about adding some sweet and light-coloured eye shades and highlight?

Solid colour or glittery nail polish for you?  Choice of sexy purple or girly pink for the solid colour range.  For the glittery range, some of the glitzy bits are in the shape of Minnie's bow!  How cute! 3, 000 won.

The lipsticks are available in 2 shades only - chilli red and hot pink!  Obviously, the pink one is more popular than the red. 9, 000 won.

And finally, this sunblock, in Minnie packaging, was spotted separately on the shelf. 

Are you having difficulty deciding which ones to buy now?  Happy shopping!

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