Monday, November 18, 2013

Korean Ginseng Festival 2013 in Singapore

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea hosted a 2-day event to introduce Korea's most symbolic health food, Korean Ginseng to the local community.   The Korean Ginseng Festival 2013 allowed guests to get acquainted with the goodness of Korean Ginseng and to discover why the 6-year Korean Ginseng is praised to be the highest quality ginseng in the world.  This natural medicine has been appreciated globally for its unique set of health benefits, including enhancing the immune system as well as boosting the stamina.

The Guest-of-Honour, Mrs Seo Ki Ae, spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, launched the festival on 7 November 2013 at Hansang Family Restaurant.  Guest speaker, Professor Kim Si-Kwan, President of The Korean Society of Ginseng, shared the findings from his extensive research in the study of the King of Herbs.  Prof Kim has won numerous academic awards and accolades in the study of Korean Ginseng.

The sharing was followed by a cooking demonstration on using the Korean Ginseng as an ingredient in traditional such as the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup and the Beef Stew with Korean Ginseng and Sweet Pumpkin; and a Ginseng-themed buffet.

Snacks included Susam Shake, Insam Daechu Cha (Ginseng and Red Date Tea), Insam Latte, Insam Ice Cream, Insam Sherbet and Insam Goguma Mat Tang (Deep fried Ginseng and Sweet Potato).

The buffet line was really sumptuous.  Appetisers including Susam Salad (Ginseng salad), Insam Sak Jook (Ginseng Chicken porridge), Insam Japchae (Ginseng Sweet Potato Noodle), Insam Goojol Pan (Flour roll stuffed with 8 ingredients) and Insam Sanjok (Ginseng skewers).

Other than Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup), there was also Insam Ddok Galdi (Ginseng Beef Patty), Insam Ganpoonggi (Deep fried chicken and ginseng), Insam Danhabook Galbi Jim (Beef Stew with Sweet Potato) and Ogok Bab (Mixed grain rice).

Traditional desserts including Gyong Dan (Rice cake stuffed with bean paste), Hodduk (Traditional Korean Pancake with nuts and topped with brown sugar syrup) and Sujong Gua (Cinnamon punch) were also served to sweetened the buffet treat.

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