Friday, November 29, 2013

[Seoul, Korea] K-style Hair and Spa

The rise of Hallyu has influence my lifestyle to quite an extend ranging from food to entertainment and even to health and lifestyle.  Being a K-drama fan, we are envious of the actresses' soft and flowy hair and the flawness complexion (including the actors). 

In Seoul, Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong are the main shopping districts for the young and hippy folks.  This is also THE place for plastic surgery and hair services.  Considered to be hot places, these 2 districts lead in new fashion styles and social trends in Korea.  

RA Beauty Core is one of the well-known hair and make-up/beauty services salons in Korea.  It's brand name is comparable to others such as Juno, Soonsoo and Avenue.  The salon that I went is located at Seocho-dong.

The hair salon is rather big and it is a unisex salon.  There are easily 20 staff in the salon.  A few of them could speak English but most of them speak mainly Korean only.  

There is also lockers to keep personal belongings.

She's my hairstylist.  Do you think she resembles actress Kim Jung-eun (Lovers in Paris, Marrying the Mafia)?  She was too delightful when I made that comment.  But overall, she's friendly and we could converse a little with my limited Korean ability.

As I had washed my hair before going to the salon, I didn't need to go through the hair-wash process again.

How do my curls look?  I liked it! The curls may look simple but there were quite a few twists and turns during the styling process.  She even put to apply hairspray here and there to get the hair in place and in shape.  The best part of it is that, the curls lasted through the day (at least 12 hours!).  Great work, isn't it? 

On the same day, the group of us visited Jurlique Valley, located at Cheongdam-dong, for a relaxing facial.

The range of products that the salon uses and sells. 

There is a cosy waiting area for customers.

The spa rooms are also cosy too with the dim light.  The spa bed is a heated aqua bed and is totally comfortable.  Although the therapist was quite friendly, she spoke limited English too.  Other than informing about the name of the product and the steps that she took, the room was mostly silent.  She was also very careful not to mess up my hair and the pretty curls.

The facial steps including cleansing, exfoliating, treatment serum and masking.  The total duration took about 1 hour which included a good and rejuvenating shoulder and back massage while waiting for the skin to fully absorb the serum.

After facial, we were served with warm tea and some snacks.  A 60-minute facial at Jurlique costs 88,000 won which is rather reasonable.  Other spa services included treatment and packages for brides and pre/post natal treatment.

[This trip is made possible by the Asian On Air programme, organised by the Korean Air and Korea Tourism Organisation].

RA Beauty Core
228 G-Five Central Plaza, 1685-8 Seocho-gu, Seocho-dong, Seoul
Tel: +82-2-594 6164

Nearest Subway
Seoul National University of Education Station Exit 3

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Jurlique Valley
5F, 47-2, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82-2-542 4333/6

Nearest Subway
Cheongdam Station (Subway Line 7), Exit 8. 

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