Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Seoul, Korea] A Twosome Place by 51K (So Ji Sub's Coffeeshop / Cafe) [Closed]

Has anyone watched a recent Korean drama, Master's Sun (주군의 태양) that feature So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin?  In the drama, one of the shooting location is at A Twosome Place café, a European style dessert café that serves a wide variety of coffee and tea beverages; and desserts including cakes, tarts, muffins etc; sandwiches and salads.

The good news and bad news is that Master So Ji Sub is a owner of 1 the Twosome Place café (named after his own agency, 51K) BUT A Twosome Place by 51K has decided not to renew its contract when it terminates on 31 December 2013.  Why is the café called 51K? Accordingly to So Ji Sub, there is a huge difference between 49 and 51, and he aims toward 51% of everything.  That's how his company name, 51K, came about.

If anyone's going to be in Korea by the end of the year, do try to visit the café.  Here's a sneak preview of the place.

The front and main entrance of 51K.  Although the café is not located along the main road, it is within short walking distance from Apgujeong subway station.

The café is a paradise for So Ji Sub fans.  The café is modern, huge and spacious and has different seating sections.  There are also plenty of posters, big and small, found in his café.  The posters on the left wall is a collection of SJS's portraits since his debut into the entertainment circle.

The café is located within a cinema complex, CGV, in Apgujeong.  This is a full-length portrait next to the building lift, within the café.  Great photo spot while waiting for the lift, isn't it?

The coffee counter, with the barista making coffee.  The cakes in the glass display shelf look delicious, don't they?  The cakes at A Twosome Place are good!

Only at the 51K café, you will find So Ji Sub's coffee (소지섭).  This is one coffee that you will fall in love with the moment you try it!  The espresso fragrant with vanilla flavour was perfect.

When I was there in 2012, So Ji Sub's movie, The Company Man, was just launched.  The café was turned into a photo gallery!

Sadly, from 1 January 2014 onwards, all these will form part of So Ji Sub's history.  Although there will not be A Twosome Place by 51K anymore by then, it will be great if So Ji Sub can surprise us with other new business ventures where K-drama fans will get to experience in time to come.

Getting there: Take subway to Apgujeong Station and exit station using Exit 3.  Walk straight ahead and make a left turn at the first T-junction (168 Nonhyeon-Dong).  The café is just right across the first traffic junction.

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[This trip is made possible by the Asian On Air programme, organised by the Korean Air and Korea Tourism Organisation].

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  1. Thanks for the blog on twosome place ! Do you know what will happen next year to this cafe ? as in, there will not be this cafe anymore ? replace by another owner ? I am only planning to visit korea next year fall :((

    1. Hi, I heard it will just be a normal Twosome Place café next year =)

    2. So 51k is not going to renew the contract with this cafe shop right?

  2. Waaaaaaah ! I Wish I can Visit This Amazing Place !

  3. ya..really a sad news. luckily i been there last year. and i went there twice in my trip over 2 weeks in korea. :) i'm gonna miss sojisub coffee!!!!!!

  4. wer u able to see SJS over there?

  5. I planned to travel Seoul n visit 51k café but if its not worth anymore might as well just take city tour

    1. Hi, there are lots of interesting places that you can still visit in Seoul ^^


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