Monday, December 23, 2013

[Korean Food] First BiBimBap Bistro in Singapore : Paik's BiBim

2013 is a great year for Korean food lovers in Singapore.  A few renowned Korean restaurant / bistro / café (such as Paris Baguette, Nene Chicken) have decided to get a share of the Korean food market in Singapore.  Riding on this wave, Paik's Bibim has started their first outlet at Bedok Mall with fusion-style bibimbap.

Paik's Bibim is located at the side-walk of the mall, directly facing the Bedok Hawker Centre.  It is a simple bistro with about 20+ seats and 1 service counter.  Kitchen is just next to the service counter.

The bistro serves 6 types of bibimbap and 2 types of noodles.  What's unique is that they serve Korean steamed egg (gyeran-jjim, 계란찜)!!

For those who are not familiar with how to mix your bibimbap, there is an instruction on the walk to guide diners!

This was the teriyaki chicken bibimbap (치킨마요비빔밥) and it was really delicious!  The rice was hidden beneath the generous serving of shredded lettuce and cabbage, small pieces of teriyaki chicken topped with crunchy fried crumbs, mayonnaise and laver.   The soup was also quite flavourful.

Gochujang (red pepper sauce) is added to the rice and just mix thoroughly.  The serving portion is actually quite huge for me.  For small eaters, I would recommend that 2 persons can share 1 bowl of bibimbap.

And this was the beef bulgogi bibimbap which my friend ordered!  It was delicious too!

Each bibimbap serving costs about $8.50, steamed egg costs $3 while soft drinks costs $2.  They also serve cup-size takeaway portion for teriyaki chicken bibimbap at $4.90.  Perhaps the takeaway portion will be more suitable for small-eater like me!

Paik's Bibimbap
Bedok Mall, #01-95

Getting there
Take MRT to Bedok Station and use Exit B.  Go towards the direction of Bedok Central.  The mall is connected to the MRT exit.

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  1. I order a warm noodle, I thought it suppose to be warm & Q texture. It serve to me as soggy & cool noodle. It taste awful for a bowl of $6.90 warm noodle. I told the cashier Sophia. Instead of apologise she said thank you....

    1. I have not tried their warm noodles yet but thanks for sharing your experience....

  2. Please reply what is happening


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