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[Seoul, Korea] Downtown Tax Refund

Seoul is a shopping paradise and in my earlier post, I have shared about getting tax refunds at the airport.  In the same post, I have also provided addresses of locations where you can also claim tax refunds in downtown Seoul. 

There are 2 refund stations in Myeong-dong which are:
1.  convenient located within walking distance from either Myeong-dong station and Euljiro 1-ga station;
2.  if you need to claim from both Global Blue Tax Free and Global Tax Free, these 2 stations are located within 2-minutes walk.

Global Blue Tax Free located at Woori-Bank (Location A in map below)

This is located at a walkway "cross-junction" and it is diagonally across Myeong-dong Theatre.  The "Tax Refund" is prominently shown on its signboard.

In Woori Bank, there are various types of financial services available, look out for the Tax Refund counter.  It is a small counter and it is easy to miss this.

The documents that you need to get ready on-hand to process the tax refund include:
1. Tax Refund receipts;
2.  Passport; and
3.  Credit Card (limited to transactions made using Visa, MasterCard and AMEX)

You can immediately get the tax refund in cash.  As a matter of bank policy, they will charge an equivalent amount as temporary deposit in the credit card.  The deposit amount will be cancelled once your present the tax refund details at the Custom Counter at the airport just before leaving the counter.

At the airport, show your purchases, receipts and passport at the customs, and ask them to stamp your Tax Free Form.  Customs officer will collect your Tax Free form.

1.  If the customs do not receive your form within 21 days from the date of refund, refund amount and a debiting penalty will be imposed on your credit card.

2.  Downtown refund service is applicable to purchase price of less than 2,000,000 won per Tax Free Form.

3.  Refund limit is 750,000 won per traveller per refund.

4.  Global Blue Tax Free downtown counters are located at Woori Bank Myeong-dong Branch, Lotte Department Store Main Branch (near Uljiro 1-ga station), Hyundai Department Store Shinchon Branch (Seodaemun-Gu) and Galleria Luxury Hall (Apgujung-Dong).

Global Tax Refund located at Olive Young Mainstore in Myeongdong (Location B in map below)

If you have tax refunds to be claimed from Global Tax Refund, proceed to the Olive Young mainstore in Myeong-dong.  As you exit Woori Bank (facing Myeongdong Theatre), turn right and walk about 2 minutes.  Olive Young is on your left side.  This is also the same building where Choi Si-won's Twosome Place café is located ^^

Go up to level 2 and look for the CD / DVD section.  The tax refund counter is located right there.

For some reasons, MasterCard holders will not be able to get the tax refunds from the downtown stations.  It is still possible to obtain the tax refund at the airport but well, it is a little troublesome because the queue is expected to be long....

Global Tax Refund accepts claims from VISA, JCB and AMEX.

At the airport, go to the customs desk and present your completed Tax Refund form, passport, receipts and purchases to get a stamp on your form.  After which, submit the Tax Free form in the designated mailbox.

Global Tax Free Refund counters in downtown Seoul are located at Doota and Lotte Fitin (both at Dongdaemun area), Olive Young Myeong-dong (near Myeong-dong Cathedral), Hyundai Department Store (Samseong, Gangnam), Hyundai Department Store (Apgujeong, Gangnam), Shinsegae Department Store (Chunmuro) and Shinsegae Department Store (Banpo);

Busan counters are located at Shinsegae Department Store (Haeundae), Lotte Department Store (Bujeondong), Busan Bank (BEXCO, Sinchang, International Cruise Terminal, Gwang-bok Lotte, Shinsegae Centum City Branches);

Jeju counters are located at Raon Hotel & Resort (Jeju-si) and Goods & Goods Cosmetics (Jeju-si).

Getting to the Woori Bank and Olive Young, take subway and alight at either Euljiro 1-ga station (Exit 5), walk along mainroad, turn right after you pass by 7-11.  Walk along Myeongdong 7-gil (pedestrian path) for about 5 minutes.  Woori Bank will be on your left side; or

Myeongdong station (Exit 6), walk along Myeongdong 8-gil (pedestrian path) for about 5 minutes.  Woori Bank will be on your right side.

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  1. how much tax refund you have claim?

    can give examples?

    1. Hi, the refunded amount I received so far are approximately 9%. For 30, 000 ₩, the amt refunded was 2, 728 ₩. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi. May I ask what do you mean by "The deposit amount will be cancelled once your present the tax refund details at the Custom Counter at the airport just before leaving the counter."?

    Does this mean that even after I have received my refund, I still have to go to Tax counter at Airport? And if yes, why? Is it to cancel the deposit away only? And what if I fail to do so?

    I would appreciate if you could kindly advise!! :)

    1. Hi Calista, what I meant is, although you get the tax refund in cash at the downtown counter, they will impost a deposit amount on your credit card. However, you need not pay this deposit sum as long as you have proven that you left the country. I hope this clarifies. =)

  3. Jos

    Do we need to show the items, at downtown counter or Tax Counter at the airports?

    1. Hi, no you don't have to show the items at the downtown centres but be prepared to show at the airport =)

  4. Thanks for your prompt reply Jos.

    I was planning to do an early downtown check in at CALT for my past midnight flight. Looks like a bit difficult if I still have lug those stuff around.

    1. Hi, not sure if the downtown check-in can check your tax-refund purchases. But actually, so far, I went through the procedure for stamping of receipts. The officers didn't check my items. Perhaps the value are not that huge :P


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