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[Seoul, Korea] Nostalgic Charm in Urban Seoul (Part 2) : Samcheong-dong

Samcheong-dong is a few minutes walk from Insa-dong, and is another charming area in the Gangbuk district (ie. north of Han River).  It is a contrast from the Gangnam district (ie. south of Han River).  While the northern district has a wealth of historically significant places such as palaces, royal gardens and gates, the southern district is known to be the business district and home to the wealthiest in Seoul.

The entire Samcheong-dong gil (means Samcheong-dong road) is 3.8km long and takes about 3 hours for a relax walk.  The route would start from Anguk station, all the way up to Samcheong Park and then down back to Anguk station.  The word "Samcheong" literally means 3 (Sam) clean (cheong) things and it is characterised by mountain, water and people.  In geomancy, this is known to be an auspicious place.

From Insa-dong, you can take a 10-mins leisure walk to Samcheong-dong.  The street is sheltered on both sides by the tall trees.  Walking there is a breeze...

Enjoy walk mural paints along the way...

Shops at the Insa-dong and Samcheong-dong are characterised by low buildings.  The highest are possibly 3-storey high.  If you manage to get to walk up to the Samcheong park area, you will have a nice bird's eye view of the entire beautiful place. 

The Samcheong-dong area comprises largely of small museums, galleries, modern and traditional cafes.

Modern cafes are usually coffeeshops that serve not only coffee, tea and also desserts such as cakes and pastries.  However, I noticed that some modern cafes also serve traditional desserts such as patbingsu.

Crayon Pop endorses for Caffe Bene, with their eye-catching red and white BarBarBar uniform.

The popular green tea café, Osulloc is there too!

And even a Hello Kitty-themed café with it's so pinkish and girlish deco can be found there.

Cafes with traditional architecture and feel.  Some cafes may even be converted from hanok, Korean traditional houses, giving the café a homely ambience.

Other than café, pop-up stalls can be spotted along the street in Samcheong-dong.  This stall sells DIY fabric bags, where customers can design their own wordings to be printed on the bag.

Although café, museum and gallery are the main attraction in this area, fashion shops aren't lacking too.  Each of these shops are unique in their display, the products are also unique in their own ways.  Some of the products could be exclusively designed in-house.

To truly experience Samcheong-dong, you may spend perhaps half-a-day there, to slowly appreciate the ancient yet modern quaint neighbourhood. 
[This trip is made possible by the Asian On Air programme, organised by the Korean Air and Korea Tourism Organisation].
Getting to Samcheong-dong
Take subway to Anguk Station (Line 3), use Exit 1.  Go straight 100m and turn right onto the alleyway next to Pungmun Girl's High School.  Continue straight along the road.

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