Saturday, December 14, 2013

SG Cafe Series: Paris Baguette Korean Cafe

Those who have been to Korea will know that this is a mega café chain that originated from Korea.  It started in 1986 and focuses on producing French classic bread.  It is found everywhere, every corner in and outside Seoul. 

The drinks available in Singapore are quite standard, and nothing out of the ordinary.  Besides the delicious, pretty and interesting-looking bread, they also serve relatively healthy sandwiches and salads.  Here's a chicken salad and cheese with lots of vegetables.  It is healthy because it actually has more vegetables than meat.

Besides it's bread and drinks, something you have to try is the Original Royal Milk Pudding.  It has a very fragrant milk taste with a thin layer of caramel at the bottom of it.  I am always tempted to get a second bottle whenever I get started.  It is simply too difficult to resist!

If you are a cakes and pastry lover, my personal recommendations is the tiramisu and the Haha cake.  The cute strawberry on top of the Haha cake adds on to the humorous name which the cake already has.  While the cake is really yummy, you do pay a price for it.  Each slice can costs between $6.50 to $8.50, depending on what you order.

If you prefer bread, they do have some unique and Korean-themed selections such as Bulgogi, Garlic, Sweet Potato.  My personal favourite is the custard cream bun.  A small selection of cookies is also available at the bread section.  But again, you will feel the pinch from your pocket since the cheapest bread would set you back by $2.50 at least and for cookies, at least $1.50 for a small piece...

But nonetheless, the café does serve quality food and if you do not mind the price, it is a pretty good place to hang out when some Korean pop songs playing in the café. It is also easily accessible from Orchard MRT station.  ^^

Paris Baguette
435 Orchard Road
Wisma Atria #02-48/53
Singapore 238877

Getting there: Take MRT to Orchard Station.  Head towards Wisma Atria and take the escalator to the 2nd level.

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