Thursday, January 23, 2014

[CNY 2014] New Year Snacks

It is the time of the year again!  Lunar New Year comes faster this year, just within a month from the start of 2014.  I contemplated quite a bit what new year snacks to get this year.  Pineapple tart is a must but I have yet to find one which really excites me.  While shopping at Takashimaya CNY fair, I chanced upon 2 snacks from Rasa Sayang which are rather unique and tasty.  Their snacks are made in Indonesia.
The first is Oven Baked Purple Yam Chips.  It is oven baked and there isn't other added flavouring.  It is simply thinly sliced purple yam, sent into the oven.  Sounds healthy?  I think so.  It tasted so.  The only unhealthy bit is that some vegetable oil has been used during the baking process.

The second is Gula Melaka Kueh Bangkit (literally means fragrant cake).  Tasty kuah bangkit should crumble and melt in the mouth, not too floury, not too sweet and has a fragrant coconut taste.  It is actually quite labour intensive to make kueh bangkit.  The additional plus point to this particular kueh bangkit is the gula Melaka taste.  Double coconut happiness!

Ok, I have a week to continue my search for the perfect pineapple tart this year.  Send me recommendations!

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  1. I tried the pineapple tarts, but not very well-done though still edible :P


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