Saturday, January 04, 2014

[Singapore Restaurant] Bibigo: Hangover Soup, Feast Noodles and Grilled dishes in Korean Sauces

Trying out new Korean dishes is something I always enjoy doing!  These 4 new dishes on the Bibigo menu were delicious in their own way.  

Haejangguk, or squid and beansprout soup is popular among the working class in Korea since more than 100 years ago.  This is a quick and simple nutritious dish that has rejuvenating effect, since the drinking culture in Korea is really strong.  It is also known as the Hangover soup. It is essentially rice with soup, with squid and beansprouts as the main ingredients.  The squid was fresh and wasn't too tough to chew while the soup was light and refreshing.

Janchi Guksu, literally means 'Feast Noodles', which is a Korean noodle dish made of wheat flour noodles with a light anchovy-flavored broth.  This dish is served during special events such as during birthday parties and wedding feasts for centuries throughout Korea as this noodles symbolises longevity.  The texture of the noodles was really smooth like "mee sua".  Other than the slices of egg and vegetables, there was a piece of beancurd.  The soy chilli sauce, meant to be the tipping sauce for the beancurd was really tasty. 

Bibigo Spicy Chicken, the signature char-grilled chicken marinated in gochujang, red pepper sauce, served with seasonal vegetables.  Korean condiment, gochujang, is the most famous and most commonly used sauce in preparing Korean cuisine.  The primary ingredients for gochujang include red chilli powder, glutinous rice powder, fermented soy bean and salt.  This is a very tasty condiment when used for meat dishes.

The Spicy Chicken dish is really really quite spicy.  Despite the spiciness, it was really tasty.  The chicken pieces were well marinated and the meat was nice and tender.

Grilled Ssamjang Pork, was also very impressive.  Ssamjang is another type of Korean sauce which comprises gochujang, doenjang (crushed, dried and fermented soybeans), sesame oil, onion and garlic.  This sauce is typically used when eating BBQ dishes wrapped in lettuce.  For this dish, ssamjang was used as a marinating sauce instead and it was delicious!  The slightly charred pork brought out another delicious dimension to this dish.

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