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[Seoul, Korea] Spring Series: Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

Immersing amongst spring flower is probably one of the best travelling experiences I have had.  In Korea, the biggest spring events are the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival in Seoul and the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival.  Jinhae is about an hour from Busan by bus.

For 2014, the Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival will take place from 3 to 13 April.  If you are wondering if it is worth making a trip there, take a look at these photos that I took last year.  But let me also qualify that spring flowers can be seen at many other places and not just limited to along Hangang (Han River).

If you take the subway to Yeouido Station (Line 5 or 9), take a stroll in Yeouido Park (여의도공원)itself.  If you have time, having a leisurely picnic in the park is not a bad idea.  After that, enjoy the big shady trees filled with spring flowers along Yeouiseo-ro (여의서로) that runs along the Han River Park (한강공원).  The first subway station that you will hit along the Han River is Yeouinaru Station (Line 5).

1) At Yeouido Park

The entrance of Yeouido Park is very prominent, with its huge Hangeul characters which you will not miss.

Mobile carts selling snacks is a part of the Korean culture.  Such carts are commonly seen at the park entrances.

This map provides a brief overview of the facilities available in Yeouido Park.  This park is popular amongst the locals, particular for cycling, skate-boarding, playing basketball etc.  The park is divided into theme-based sections: Traditional Korean Forest, Grass Square, Culture Square and Nature's Ecosystem Forest.

The end of Yeouido Park meets a cross-junction that connects Yeouidong-ro and Yeouiseo-ro.  Cross the road and walk along Yeouiseo-ro. 

2) Along Yeouiseo-ro

Both sides along Yeouiseo-ro are lined with white and light pinkish spring flower trees.  This is part of the Han River Park.  Although the park may not look as big on the map, be prepared for a long walk.  The leisurely walk was about 3 hours from Yeouido station to Yeouinaru Station!

As part of the festival, street performance, art exhibitions and food stalls can be found along Han River, enjoying the river view.

The spring flower tress near the National Assembly added to the spring mood.

Even during mid day, weather would still be cooling enough to enjoy outdoor performances or a picnic.

With such good weather, what could be better than to spend time to bond with family and friends?

(Note: The photos in this post were taken in April 2013 ^^)

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  1. They're in full bloom now, and will start wilting next week. I think you will still be able to catch a few. seoul flower


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