Sunday, April 06, 2014

[Korean Celebrity] Thoughts about Yiruma Live In Singapore 2014

Yiruma's concert finally arrive and it was gone in 2.5 hours.  It was a great evening to see one of my favourite pianists perform live on several popular tunes.  Besides being such a talented musician, he is really a down-to-earth person.  He was very frank and candid, sharing his personal life (his father, his summer vacations in Singapore in 1992, his daughter, his father-in-law) and inner feelings/thoughts (such as having stage fright, that that we didn't have to clap all the time, telling us that the last tune can be a non-final tune, telling us that he was already prepared for encore, and that there was so much focus on kpop that there was no avenue for him to perform on TV)  with the audience without any hesitation. 

Before this concert, I didn't know much about him except his beautiful music.  Tonight, not only did he deliver the same beautiful music but also his beautiful character.  Moments where he said if someone is feeling down, the person can listen to "I", moments where he really want people to feel happy, moments where he didn't mind people downloading his music illegally and that he was glad to see people perform his music/compositions. 

He was awed by the audience turnout and we were awed by his talent; spontaneity through his impromptu composition with an audience.  I was moved by his music, the gentle and soft landing on the piano keys and the accents on the beats.  Genius indeed!

I wish him all the best and hope to see him soon again! 

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