Wednesday, September 17, 2014

[Singapore Restaurant] Experience Korea's Most Beloved Dishes from Bibigo

The wave of Korean Fried Chicken + Beer has hit the sunny island of Singapore when this food combo known as Chimaek (치맥) was featured in the popular Korean drama "My Love from the Stars" (별에서 온 그대) earlier this year.  The word "Chimaek" originates from the word Chicken (Koreans pronounce the word as Chikin) and Maekju (which means beer in Korean).  Chimaek is especially popular during the summer seasons when the heat wave is up and the beer has the cooling effect.  It is so popular that an event "Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival" is held annually! 
Being summer all year round in Singapore, it is timely that Bibigo has added Chimaek to their menu starting from September!


What's unique about Bibigo's version of Chimaek is that, you get to eat the fried chicken with 2 different sauces (soybean and sweet & spicy) and salt!  Personally, my preference would be the soybean sauce, followed by the sweet & spicy sauce.  The salt is dry and doesn't quite stay on the chicken.  The plus point about having Chimaek is the refreshing pickled white radish.  But honestly, the plain fried chicken itself is already quite delicious and addictive.

Order the Gangnam Chicken as an ala carte dish (6-piece chicken) at $10 or top up another $10 for 2 bottles of iced-cold Hite beer.  Hite beer is really popular in Korea!

For an authentic Korean meal, order a Spicy Kimchi Stew ($10) and Kimchi pancake ($9).  The stew comes with a bowl of Korean short grain rice and a kimchi side-dish.  In fact, these 2 dishes have been newly added to Bibigo's menu and they are quite decent, although I think the pancake would have tasted even better if it was crispier. 

Just a small tip to share.  The Kimchi pancake does not come with any dipping sauce.  But not to be disappointed, the soybean sauce from the Gangnam Chicken dish is a perfect dipping sauce for the pancake!

For non-spicy food lovers, another dish on the limited-time menu would be the Seafood Noodles ($9).  Udon is used as the main staple, cooked with seafood and a generous portion of green veggies, it makes a good option on days when you just feel like having something light and soupy.
Overall, the pricing for these new dishes are quite affordable and there is no price differentiation between lunch and dinner.  The food portion is easily sufficient for those with small to moderate appetite.  Head down to Bibigo with 2 to 3 other friends to experience all these dishes!
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