Thursday, December 18, 2014

[Australian Cafe] Pie Face in Singapore!

If chicken pie, mushroom pie, apple pie and perhaps yam pie are the types of pie that you've eaten all your life, does (spicy) Tandoori Vegetable pie or (sweet) Thai Green Curry Chicken pie or (savoury) Chicken + Peppercorn make you feel a little more excited about eating pies?
Leading micro-bakery café from Australia, also the world's largest pie chain, has just arrived in Singapore.  2 outlets were opened in Singapore in November and they are conveniently located at 313 Somerset and Bugis Village.
With the eye-catching signboard, you can easily spot Pie Face (Bugis) from BHG's entrance facing Victoria Street.


Pie Face doles out pies in a multitude of flavours.  The pies come in regular and mini sizes (from $4.90 and $3 respectively).  The pie flavours include:

- Tandoori Vegetable Pie  (Regular and Mini)
- Thai Chicken Curry Pie (Regular and Mini)
- Chicken + Mushroom (Regular and Mini)
- Chicken + Peppercorn (Regular and Mini)
- Chunky Steak (Regular and Mini)
- Creamy Vegetable (Mini)
- Steak + Peppercorn (Mini)
- Chilli Chicken + Corn (Mini)

My personal favourites are the Tandoori Vegetable (filled with delicious chopped carrots, capsicum and mixed beans) and Thai Chicken Curry (filled with carrots, onion, garlic, coconut milk and chicken) pies.  Like my friend ever commented, I seem to prefer "exotic" food, which I interpret to mean food with stronger or spicy flavour.

Different playful expressions are featured on the pastry crusts, making the pies fun to look at even before eating it.

Sad faces, happy faces....Are you able to guess what type of pie each facial expression stands for?

The reason for success for Pie Face is probably the delicious puff pastry.  It is said that the dough of the traditional French puff pastry takes 3 days to prepare.  The kitchen team is required to fold the special blend of butter to create 48 layers!

Encased within the flaky crust are fresh and chunky ingredients.  Pie Face serves the pies in 2 ways:
1. Either by itself in a cardboard sleeve; and
2. Top the pie with mash potato and gravy.

Besides the savoury pies selection, you get to enjoy sweet treats under the same roof.  The café serves 8 sweet pies, crumbly cookies and moist cakes too!  The cheese sticks (suitable for cheese lovers) and almond sticks are worth trying!

And if you are a sausage person, try the Chicken + Cheese Sausage roll (with some tomato ketchup)!

The sweet pies are really pretty.  Available in pecan, butterscotch, lemon, chocolate, raspberry, apple crumble, green tea + red bean and coffee!  I'm sure there's one flavour that whets your taste bud.

Finally, the banana bread (aka banana cake) is one of my favourites!

Need some coffee to end a good meal?  Pie Face serves freshly brews such as cappuccino, café latte, long black, mocha and macchiato ($4 onwards).

Pie Face Outlets
313 Orchard Road #B3-10 (313 Somerset)
Singapore 238895
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm
Getting there: Directly connected to Somerset MRT station

249 Victoria Street (Bugis Village)
Singapore 188034
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm
Getting there: Alight at Bugis MRT Station.  Turn right at the entrance and head towards BHG department store.  Take the escalator to Level 1 of BHG.  Exit BHG using the exit facing Victoria Street (near bags section) and cross the traffic light.  You should be able to see Pie Face while at the traffic light.

Instagram: @pieface_sg

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