Sunday, December 14, 2014

[Korean Bistro] Korean-inspired Tapas Menu at SYNC Korean Tapas Bar

Tapas, commonly referred to appetisers or snacks, isn't an unfamiliar offering at western restaurants or bistros or bars.  SYNC is Singapore's first ever Korean tapas bar with a range of Korean-inspired tapas with specially crafted Korean-inspired cocktails.  It's first outlet is located at Westgate Mall and blends food with technology using the latest Samsung gadgets.  The success of the first bistro has led to the launch of the Korean-inspired tapas bar.  Both outlets have their own signature dishes.
Located at the cosy little town, Serangoon Gardens, SYNCTapas has newly launched several festive cuisines which is available from 12 Dec 2014 to 2 Jan 2015.

(Front entrance of SYNC Tapas Korean Bar)

(Modern and Cosy settings) 

(Simple decorations yet complete with antique chairs) 

The main counter is in the middle of the bar.  Towards the end of the bar, there is a "private" section although it isn't separated by any partitions or doors, which sits up to 8 persons.

Mains and tapas selection are quite affordable and starts from $9.90 onwards.  The Christmas Salad ($9.90) is a refreshing and colourful mix of fruits (pomegranate and orange) and salad leaves.  It is topped with citrus dressing which added to the refreshing finish to the salad.  Pomegranate is a popular fruit in Korean which has, in recent years, been added as an ingredient to some skincare products.

Korean sweet potato has always been one of my favourite root vegetables.  For this festive season, SYNCTapas has introduced that Sweet Potato Croquettes ($10.90).  This dish is prepared by frying Korean sweet potatoes with cheese and chorizo (pork sausage), topped with apple salsa for a festive taste.

Clay Duck Saam (a Korean expression which refers to wrapped food) ($10.90), blends the traditional Korean food with Christmas flavour by serving the duck meat with Korean daikon and perilla leaf.

Turkey is a common dish served during Christmas.  For this Turkey Risotto (an Italian rice dish cooked in broth to a creamy consistency) ($26.90), Korean barley was creatively used in place of rice.  The dish was topped with sautéed mushrooms and cranberries.

Complete the meal with a sweet ending, Chestnut Crunchy Bar ($10.90), which is actually chestnut mousse in a chocolate tart shell, topped with crunchy pearls, orange gel and a piece of sesame-filled fragrant thin cookie.

(cross-section of the Chestnut Crunchy Bar)

While these are the festive selection, the bar also serves regular menu which include popular Korean dishes such as Budae Jjigae (Army Stew), Ddeokbokki (Spicy rice cake), Kimchi Fried Rice etc.  Value lunch set, including an appetiser, main and drinks, at $9.90 is available everyday from 11am to 5pm.  Add-on options are available for side dishes and desserts at $2.50 and $5 respectively.

Immerse yourself in non-stop popular K-jazz and K-pop as you enjoy your lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or even supper.

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar
12 Maju Avenue (Serangoon Garden estate)
Singapore 556690
Tel: 62820612

Opening Hours:
11am to 11pm (Mon, Wed, Thu)
11am to 12am (Fri to Sun)
Closed on Tue.

Getting there: 2 minutes walk from Serangoon Garden Circus.  Buses that go there includes 73, 136, 315 and 317.

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