Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Spring in Korea 2015 (Part 1) ~ 15-day itinerary

The flowers are blooming, signaling that spring will soon arrive.  The bitter winter will soon be over!  Get ready to enjoy the clear sky and breezy cool air!

Every moment in the cold is precious, for only those of us who stay in the tropical countries will know why. 

Here's my itinerary for the 15-day Korea trip.  Stay tuned for the travel details!

Day 1: Seoul
Day 2 to 3: Haeinsa Templestay
Day 4: Gyeongju
Day 5 to 8: Busan
Day 9 to 10: Songgwangsa Templestay
Day 11 to 12: Suncheon
Day 13 to 15: Seoul

Here's a preview of the 5 temples (UNESCO sites included) I have visited.


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